Surprise! Our (Very Effective) Algebra Tutor is a Video Game

My kids love to read, travel, and study history. They will gladly research and recite facts about countries around the world and engage in meaningful discussions about current events.

As they are moving into their teen years I would even admit they are becoming more “independent learners” as they take initiative to select courses that fit their interests and learning styles.

Overall, they enjoy learning and don’t hesitate to complete their schoolwork, until it is time for that one subject they struggle with…yes, it is even considered a “4-letter word” in our house…MATH. That’s one reason why I use math games when I can.

Our Algebra Tutor is a Video Game- DragonBox 12+ - Education Possible

Searching for Help With Algebra

Math wasn’t always a challenge in our homeschool, but a few years ago my children really started to struggle with math. We tried a number of different math programs until we found one that really works for us.

This year my kids have made a lot of progress with their understanding of math facts and concepts but they prefer to work with problems and examples that are more concrete and seem to apply to real life situations. When we began focusing more on algebra they claimed to understand the concepts they were learning, but nothing seemed to “stick”. We agreed they needed a little more help to better grasp and retain the concepts.  Maybe they needed an Algebra tutor.

I wasn’t quite sure where to look for help. Honestly, math isn’t my favorite subject either, so I was procrastinating a bit looking for help. Fortunately a friend mentioned the DragonBox app as a possible option. In a nice turn of events, around the same time I was offered an opportunity to try DragonBox Algebra 12+ and share my honest thoughts about it here!

We jumped at the chance – my kids LOVE video games so it sounded like a great place to start.


Disclosure: I received this product for free. I was compensated for my time spent learning about the product. ​All opinions are honest, I was not required to post a positive review.

DragonBox Makes Algebra Fun and Engaging

Because DragonBox Algebra is designed as a video game format my 13 yr old son’s first words were “I got this.” Forget reading any documentation (yes, there is great documentation for parents and teachers to use). He was ready to jump right in and give it a try.

As we worked through the first “chapter” of the game my son commented about how much he liked the graphics and “pace of play”. At one point he made the comment: “I see what they did there…very subtle.”

Dragon Box Secretly Teaches AlgebraAs he made progress through the game, the colorful objects on the screen transitioned into variables, numbers, and mathematical expressions.

When I asked him about those changes he said “they are all subtle in the beginning, but they make a lot of sense later on.” Those visual cues helped my son better understand and retain the overall concepts because they were bright, fun, and engaging.

DragonBox Algebra Grows With Your Child

My kids are teenagers so I wasn’t sure if this game would be too easy for them. They assured me it was very helpful and they even recommended I give the game a try as a refresher!

As the game progresses, different concepts are introduced and reinforced. Important mathematical concepts such as fractions, like terms, substitution, etc. are covered. As my son said: “DragonBox introduces concepts and lets you grow with them. I used to get really confused with some of these concepts, but the game teaches and reinforces them and makes it all fun.” This was my favorite part – he said “once you really understand the concepts, you can go wild with it!”

I’m not exactly sure what he means by “go wild with it”, but I do know my son has enjoyed the game and DragonBox Algebra offered several benefits for him:

  • He used this game on his own, with no help or prompting from me.
  • He was so excited about the game that after each session he wanted to show me what he did and explain what concept the chapter was teaching. By giving me a verbal review of the chapter it was easy for me to see that he clearly understood what he was learning.
  • The game offers immediate feedback, including the option to see the correct solution. My son said he first tried to find the solutions on his own, but if he knew he was “making it harder than it needed to be” he could view the solution to understand how to complete the problem in fewer steps.

DragonBox Algebra Video Game Help - Education Possible

Another benefit of DragonBox Algebra 12+ for homeschool families: This game is affordable and is appropriate for a wide variety of ages!

This game could easily be used with young children. They would enjoy the game characters and could work through the first few chapters and not even realize they are learning math concepts. Both of my children are teenagers and they believe it is a great resource for reinforcing algebra concepts. There are even teacher learning resource materials available to transition the onscreen concepts to paper and pencil examples.

Want to Learn More About DragonBox?

Here is a quick video so you can see the features of DragonBox Algebra:

I hope we have been able to give you an idea of how this fun and engaging video game helped our children better understand (and even enjoy) algebra.

Actually, after using DragonBox Algebra for a few weeks my kids asked if we could purchase DragonBox Elements to help them review geometry concepts. We did purchase it and they are enjoying it as much as the algebra games! (There is a Family Pack available at a discount which sounds like the best deal.)

For more information about the game features, visit DragonBox Algebra.

You can purchase the DragonBox Algebra apps for iOS and Android devices.