Celebrate Pi Day with Learning Activities

Every year, on March 14th (3.14), math-lovers rejoice and spend the day commemorating their favorite mathematical constant, Pi. Even if you or your kids aren’t self-described math geeks, you can still have fun honoring this constant ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter.

Celebrate Pi Day with Learning Activities @Education PossibleThis post contains affiliate links.

Ideas for Celebrating Pi

Pi Words

● Write a Pi story

I love this idea of creating a story using the numbers of Pi – talk about creative writing!

● Pi-ku

Take time to create your own Pi related haiku.

Pi Art

Celebrate Pi Day with Learning Activities @Education Possible

● Colorful network

Use Pi to create a circle full of colorful lines.

● Pointillism circular art

Why not use circles to create circles? For this art project, all you need is q-tips, paint, and black paper.

● Pi skyline art

We did this last year to celebrate and my kids really enjoyed it. It was a great way to visualize Pi.

Pi Food

Celebrate Pi Day with Learning Activities @Education Possible

● Mini cherry pies

Naturally, we wanted to make pie to celebrate, but I wanted to bake something other than a standard pie.

I found this easy, step-by-step recipe for these beautiful mini cherry pies. We already had some canned cherries, so I picked up pie crust and we got baking!

If you want to go all out, consider buying a Pi shaped pie pan to make your Pi day pie.

● Peanut butter and chocolate round pockets

We adapted this recipe to create these delicious dessert pockets. We decided to stuff ours with peanut butter and chocolate chips and omitted the sticks. Delicious!

● Pizza Pi

Homemade pizza for lunch? Yes! Instead of making traditional pizza, create a Pi shaped treat instead.

Learning about Pi

● Estimate Pi

By using an old geometric problem, Buffon’s needle, your family can estimate Pi for yourselves. Here are instructions for a hands-on activity or you can use this simulator.

● Pi Quest

This is an interesting webquest for kids to complete to learn more about Pi.

Reading about Pi

Celebrate Pi Day with Learning Activities @Education Possible

The Joy of Pi by David Blatner

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table (A Math Adventure) by Cindy Neuschwander

Why Pi by Johnny Ball

 How is your family celebrating Pi Day?

Megan Zechman
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Megan Zechman
Megan Zechman


  1. Wow – we were not planning on celebrating pi day, as I did not know it existed – I definitely want to celebrate it at home next year with my 6th grader!