DIY Luminary ~ A Frugal Autumn Craft

Autumn (or fall) is our family’s most anticipated season. We love the sights, smells, tastes, and especially the decorations! One of our favorite things to do is to make crafts together to decorate our home.

My older kids really enjoy craft projects, especially when they’re centered around a holiday.

DIY Fall (Autumn) Craft Your kids will love creating these beautiful fall luminaries. A simple and frugal DIY craft for all ages. Our step-by-step tutorial walks you through how to turn a plain jar or globe into a gorgeous autumn decor piece.This Post Contains Affiliate Links.

We made these simple, frugal luminaries to add to our fall decor and let me tell you, they are so beautiful at night!

Create your own Simple Fall Luminary

Supplies you’ll need:

How to Create the Luminaries

Purchase a glass container, any shape or size.

Personally I LOVE using these rounded globes because they are a good size and look beautiful when they’re finished. I found these at the Dollar Store.

Make sure you take the time to clean them and remove any stickers.

DIY Luminaries A Frugal Autumn Craft EducationPossible

Cut some fall shapes out of the construction paper.

I traced leaf outlines on red, yellow and orange construction paper and cut them out. Personally, I rarely use more than 3 shapes when I do this project, but use as many as you’d like, or don’t use any. You can make this project more challenging for your older kids by having them draw intricate shapes or images to use.

That’s the beauty of DIY – it’s all up to you!

diy luminaries a frugal autumn craft EducationPossible

Choose the tissue paper colors you want to use, tear it up into various sizes and put it in a pile.

Because it can be challenging to rip tissue paper after your hands are full of glue, it’s best to have this done before you start.

DIY Luminaries A Frugal Autumn Craft EducationPossible

Start layering!

Smooth a layer of Mod Podge onto the glass with your foam brush. Then take a piece of your tissue paper and place it on the glue, tapping it to stay in place. Start with an area and after that is full, move to the next section. It is easier and less messy to work in sections.

You’ll want to keep the bottom clear so you can set it aside to dry. For the top, you can either fold the tissue paper a bit over the edge or stop just before the edge.

Make sure you’re layering to create new colors and add depth to the project.

This is where you get to be creative.

diy luminary a frugal autumn craft EducationPossible

Carefully add a top layer of Mod Podge over the whole luminary.

Make sure all tissue paper ends are secure.

diy luminary a frugal autumn craft EducationPossible

Add your construction paper cut outs.

Decide where you would like them to go, then coat one side of the shape with Mod Podge, dabbing with your foam brush. Place it on the glass, over the tissue paper. Coat it with a thick layer of glue, using your fingers to get it as flat as you can.

Set the luminary down on your newspaper or scrap paper to dry (usually less than 24 hours).

diy luminary a frugal autumn craft

Add a tealight and stand back to admire the beautiful luminary you’ve created.

DIY Luminary ~ A Frugal Autumn Craft

This is such an easy and frugal craft that can be adapted for any holiday or season. Like I mentioned, my teens love making these!

Here are even more fun fall DIY projects:

Want even more luminary inspiration? Check out our Candy Corn Luminary and Christmas Luminary projects.

They’re just as simple and frugal as this autumn one!

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What is your favorite DIY autumn craft?

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Megan Zechman
I love homeschooling! Learning is a way of life for our family. Most days you will find us exploring our Central Florida community, having fun while learning. I am constantly looking for new and interactive ways to engage my older children.
Megan Zechman
Megan Zechman


  1. This is such a pretty craft! 🙂

  2. These are beautiful! Often times, glass pieces can be picked up at garage sales, flea markets, or estate sales for little to nothing. Great project idea – thanks for sharing! Be blessed! #InspiredBN

    • Thank you DaLynn. What a great idea for gathering unique glass pieces. I usually grab mine at the dollar store, but I think my girls might enjoy seeking them out your way. We love making these for the different holidays.

  3. Love this idea, especially love that I could switch it up and make it Christmas themed and let the kids hand it out as gifts!

  4. That’s so pretty! Thanks for sharing ( I found you on the Ultimate Homeschool Link-up)

  5. These would make a beautiful addition to our Thanksgiving table in November – I know what we’ll be doing for artclass soon. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. I love this idea! So easy and beautiful. I chose your link up from the Hearts for Home Blog Hop as one of my favorites and I am featuring it on the blog hop tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Megan,
    These are so pretty and I love that the kids can make them too! I love when I can use decorations from October through Thanksgiving and don’t have to put them away because they go with both Halloween and Thanksgiving 🙂 Thank you for linking up to our Spooktacular Halloween link party.

    • I love multiple use decorations too! We always have some luminaries sitting out – they just change with the holiday/season. What a fun link party!!

  8. I love this its such a fun craft! Thank you for sharing! Now following you!
    Sheena @

  9. I recently found your site and am already a fan!I wanted to reach out to you and see if you would be willing to test out some of my glass etching craft supplies for free for feedback. Will you please let me know by email? I will try to come back to this page later to see if you replied in the comments too. These will be shipped directly to you at no cost. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you Eric


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