Favorite Resources

I am constantly searching for fun and exciting ways to educate my girls and I’m happy to share my finds with you!

I have experience with each of these companies and products, so I’m comfortable recommending them based on my personal knowledge. Please do not purchase any items unless you feel they will help your family reach its educational goals.

I hope these favorite resources of mine will help save you time and give you creative ways to learn with your family:

My Own Printables – I’ve created a wide variety of downloadable products that you can use to make learning fun and interactive for your middle schooler.

Geography Activities: Latitude and Longitude Scavenger Hunt

Amazon – Seriously, my homeschool days would be a lot harder without Amazon!  Books, videos, games, puzzles…you name it, you can probably find it on Amazon.  The best part is having it downloaded immediately or delivered right to your front door.

AmazonThe Etiquette Factory – We have been very intentional about teaching my kids etiquette and life skills.  They find creative ways to learn (and help teach) valuable lessons with products from The Etiquette Factory.

The Etiquette Factory


Fortuigence – This online writing course is perfect for middle and high school students.  Children always receive personal, helpful feedback from Lily (the course instructor).  Their writing and confidence have improved greatly with this course.

Keyboard Classroom – What a wonderful typing program! It’s the perfect tool for kids with dysgraphia.

North Star Geography – Students learn about geography skills, as well as physical and human geography with this hands-on, flexible geography course.  Kids will create their own atlas, understand geography terms, build landforms, and more!

 Geography bundle -- North Star Geography and WonderMaps

Notebooking Pages – I love using notebooking pages for subjects like history, science, and language arts. It’s a great way to see what my older kids have learned and an easy way for them to keep track of their notes.

Southern Hodgepodge Chalk Pastel Tutorials – My kids really enjoy creating unique art project with chalk pastels for every season and holiday.

You ARE an Artist Curriculum Bundle