How to Make a Dry Erase Board in Minutes

Dry erase boards are a practical tool in any home or classroom.  They offer a large blank canvas for sharing images, thoughts and ideas.  Small boards are easy to find in office supply stores and can be colorful and inexpensive, but most large boards are heavy and costly.  We have created several boards to use in our home.  Here are tips for how to make a dry erase board (white board) in minutes.

How to Make a Dry Erase Board (White Board) in Minutes - EducationPossible

By following the steps below you will make 2 dry erase boards (white boards).  Each board will be 24 inches x 32 inches.  We like this size because it is small enough to be portable and can be used around the house.

We purchased our supplies at Lowes, but these materials can be found at any home improvement store.


How to Make a Dry Erase Board (White Board) in Minutes - EducationPossible

Easy Assembly:

  • When we asked the nice folks at Lowes to cut the board in half for us, they gladly agreed.  They also reminded us that the edges would be a bit rough.  That was not a problem because we were going to dress-up our boards with duct tape anyway.
  • Wipe the board with a clean dry cloth/paper towel to remove any dust.
  • Cut a piece of duct tape the length of one edge of your board.  Place the piece of tape along the edge with half of the tape on the front of the board, then wrap the other half of the tape over the edge and attach to the back of the board.  Complete this step and cover all four edges of your board.
  • Be sure to only use DRY ERASE markers on your new board!

How to Make a Dry Erase Board (White Board) in Minutes - EducationPossible


  • You can cut the board to any size that suits your needs.
  • The board is not heavy therefore it can easily be attached to the wall with wall screws or adhesive.

How to Make a Dry Erase Board (White Board) in Minutes - EducationPossible

A Million Uses!

We use our dry erase boards all of the time.  Don’t forget these fun and easy uses for your dry erase boards:

  • To-do lists, homework, chore charts
  • Brainstorming ideas for a project
  • Document narration/writing outlines
  • Demonstrate math problems
  • Draw pictures

What creative ideas do you have for using a dry erase board (white board) in your home?

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  1. Brilliant! I’ve used white boards to make lap desks for car travel by sewing a beanbag and gluing it to the back. This would be a cheaper alternative to purchasing the white boards.

  2. Simple and effective and so easy to personalise. DIY Whiteboards are the way to go!

  3. I’m doing a series this week on “Unexpected School Supplies” and making a whiteboard this way is on my list. Do you mind if I link to you? Love it!

    • Hillary – Yes!! We would be thrilled if you linked to this! Please come back and include a link to the series on your blog so we can share even more great ideas with everyone!

  4. I am pinning this one for sure! Thanks for the inspiration:)


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