Join the Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange!

Have you ever wished you could take your children on a trip around the country or maybe even around the world?

What would it be like to see famous landmarks your family has only read about in books?

How would you like to tour a new city with another homeschool family serving as your personal tour guides?

With our new Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange group we will help families from across the country (and maybe even the world) build friendships and explore new places like never before!

Join the Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange - Education Possible

The Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange – by Education Possible is loosely based on the Flat Stanley series of books by Jeff Brown. In the original story a young boy named Stanley is “flattened” when a large bulletin board falls on him. Don’t worry — Stanley not only survives being flattened, he finds creative ways to use his new shape. One of his favorite activities is visiting his friends by being mailed in envelopes around the country!

Based on the popularity of this story, “Flat Traveler” exchanges were started to provide pen pal type opportunities for young students. Children could send their flat traveler to another student, document their travels with the flat traveler for a few days using a journal, and then return the Flat Traveler back to his or her original home.

Benefits of Flat Travelers

In addition to the original goals of finding pen pals and practicing journaling/letter writing, there are many fun and educational benefits of participating in a flat traveler exchange.

As our friend Jimmie Lanley details in her Flat Traveler article, children can learn:

  • Map & geography skills
  • Writing skills
  • Information about different cultures
  • Responsibility
  • History…and more!

We have personally participated in several Flat Traveler exchanges over the years and during each adventure we learned something new. One summer our Flat Travelers traveled all the way to Alaska and visited the Iditarod Trail Race Center!  We have also hosted many Flat Travelers — during our research to share information about our hometown we learned interesting historical facts about our small town that we never new before.

Join the Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange - Education Possible

Why is Education Possible Creating a Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange

As homeschoolers we understand that learning happens everywhere! We also know that it isn’t always possible to take our kids to some of the far off places we would like to visit.

With that in mind, we would like to help homeschoolers come together to learn and explore the world around them.

Our hopes and dreams for this program include helping our children:

  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Explore geography by “visiting” new places with the help of their Flat Travelers
  • Practice writing, journaling, and research skills
  • Learn important social skills like time management, task completion, and sharing with others

Although the original Flat Stanley books were written for a young audience, we believe the Flat Traveler program can benefit children of all ages! This exchange program will support real life learning opportunities for learning physical and human geography as part of our middle/high school geography lessons with North Star Geography.

For this reason our program is open to homeschool children from elementary through high school ages.

North Star Geography homeschool curriculum

How to Join the Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange by Education Possible

Here are the basic steps for joining the exchange:

1. Our Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange is open to all homeschool families with children in grades K-12 (or younger if parents are interested in helping their children complete the activities).

2. A parent must read our program Terms of Use and then COMPLETE the online group Enrollment Form.

Join the Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange by Education Possible

3. When your completed form is submitted, your family will be invited to join the Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange by Education Possible Facebook Group.

4. After being added to the group, families will be able to meet other homeschool families, initiate Flat Traveler exchanges, and download Flat Traveler & Travel Journal templates*. The Travel Journals also include United States and World maps, supplied by Wondermaps by Bright Ideas Press so students can track their Flat Traveler’s journey as s/he travels from place to place!

*A brief note about the Travel Journal templates — we have created 2 versions, a fun journal for younger kids and note booking pages that are much more detailed and focused on geography concepts for older students.

Join the Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange - Education Possible

A Special Giveaway to Celebrate!

To kick off our new Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange, and to help your family prepare for this new adventure, we are happy to announce a very special giveaway.

This Giveaway will include:

Be sure to enter today!

Homeschool Flat Traveler Exchange by Education Possible

North Star Geography & WonderMaps Combo


  1. Awesome! I launched a world geography blog this past Jan. and have not come across a ton of WG sites so I am so happy to see your Flat Exchange idea! It’s great!

  2. I’d love to take my family to Europe. Our elderly neighbor just returned from Luxembourg, Spain and Germany and it has us itching to travel.

  3. My family and I would love to visit Europe. My dream is to run with the bulls!! 🙂

  4. Christine Mast says:

    My older children have been doing a lot of traveling in the last few years and now my two younger girls are getting the ‘bug’. My nine year old would like to go to Japan, and my seven year old wants to visit Africa. Her brother just arrived in Mozambique over the weekend. I personally would like to go to Taiwan right now since that is where my older daughter is right now.

  5. Janet Gordon says:

    I’d love to take my family to Nicaragua. I’ve been twice myself and would love for my children to fall in love with it’s people, too!

    • Hi Janet I am another blogger who has been following along on these comments. We would like to go to Nicaragua with our kids too! We adopted our son from Nica when he was in infant – he’s 2 now. I lived there for 4 1/2 months & the rest of the family joined me for the middle 3 months. We have a lot of friends there now & I would love to get back again with our entire family!

  6. We would love to take our children to Sweden and Italy because that is where our families are originally from, so it would be great to visit the countries of our roots.

  7. I would love to take my family to Australia!! Take in the beaches, the unique animals and listen to that accent! 🙂 Maybe even visit during the Australian Open and watch our favorite athletes in action. Off to daydream now! 🙂

  8. tammy cordery says:

    I would love our family to go to Alaska. My aunt and uncle moved there and the pictures are so nice.

  9. The company my husband works for is based in Sweden, so I would love to visit there someday. I have always wanted to go to Scotland, as well.

  10. Too many choices! Italy, I think! 🙂

  11. we would like to go to Yellowstone

  12. I would visit my sister and her husband who are stationed in Germany.

  13. We would love to see Ireland. We would love to see all the historic places and buildings.

  14. Stephanie Bondlow says:

    I would love to go with my family to the Caribbean. I love tropical beaches and relaxing and good food, and have enjoyed many dishes from this region. I think it would be tons of fun.

  15. The kids want to go to Japan.

  16. I would love to be able to take my family to Naples, Italy, where my great-grandmothers parents originated from. They traveled to America at different times, and met in New York. I would love to see where a leg of my family came from.

  17. Ireland would be a fun place to visit. 🙂

  18. julia cosgrove says:

    We would love to travel to Australia and Egypt.

  19. We’d like to travel to Australia!

  20. It would be neat to see the Great Wall of China!

  21. Jessica Monnig says:

    I am so happy to have found this site! I am excited for my son to be able to take advantage of this opportunity! Thank you for making this resource available! 🙂

  22. Our family would love to travel to Canada and Alaska. We live in Phoenix and would love to visit some places where “cold” is the primary weather 🙂

  23. That’s a really tough question. I would probably say Japan because I’m absolutely in love with that country and I’d love to teach my children about their culture and our religion (Buddhist) while being surrounded by beauty. Thanks for the chance!

  24. Loved having a pen pal when I was in school. I’m looking forward to giving my children the opportunity

  25. If we could go anywhere as a family, I think we’d like to go to Japan.

  26. Our family supports an orphanage in the Philippines. We would love to visit the Philippines and go to Village of Hope orphanage to see the Kids.

  27. Kristen adamowicz says:

    This would be an amazing win for my kids. I struggle with geography and making it fun. Using the flat traveler would really engage my 4 youngest.

  28. China. Our daughter was adopted from China and we hope to make it back there someday for a heritage trip. We’d love to add a stop in Japan on the way there/back, as my husband and I lived in Japan for five years pre-kidlet. We loved it and would love a chance to visit our friends and Japan itself again.

  29. What a fun idea!

  30. We would love to visit my best friend in Australia!

  31. Italy! There is so much to explore and it looks so beautiful and I bet the food is amazing!

  32. We would love to go visit Ireland to see where our ancestors lived, also to visit friends in Spain!

  33. Too many choices…especially w 8 of us total… Sweden, Italy…even just travel the good old USA

  34. Cassandra S says:

    I would love to take my family all over the world, but Africa is the one place I would love to visit most.

  35. Definitely Scotland!

  36. Israel, Ireland, lots of places.

  37. Jessica Medina says:

    I would love to travel through Europe!

  38. We’d love to travel to Hawaii!!! Or Australia!!! So fun! Thanks for the give-away!!!

  39. Rabiya shaikh says:

    hi all,
    We are homeschooling Family and enjoy life as it gives as so much fun and learning together!!!the best moments of life is with the children teaching them n learning wid them.I am excited to join here n explore the world

  40. do you send the photos via-mail or e-mail?

  41. We do not participate with Facebook. Is there any way to still be a part of the Flat Traveler exchange?

  42. I’ll have to figure out a way to share the information. It’s possible, but may not be easy.


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