2 Creative Back to Home School Photo Ideas for Older Kids

It’s back to home school time! 

Remember all of those cute first day of school photos we took when the kid were young? Even as a homeschool family we always designated an official day to start back to school AND(as we did with just about every other activity on the calendar) we took photos to mark the occasion.

Now that our kids are getting older they aren’t as excited with all of the photos mom still likes to take to commemorate events and projects.  Usually I just tell my guys I need to “document their learning” for their portfolio, but personally I want a way to help us all remember the interesting activities and fun times we share as a family.

It’s a stretch to ask the kids to pose for traditional back to home school photos these days, so we’ve figured out 2 creative back to home school photo ideas for older kids.

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Creative School Photo Ideas

1. Help Kids Visualize Their Goals for the New Year

In yesterday’s post we offered a FREE Back to Homeschool Goals Page for Teens to help students identify a few broad goals for the new school year.

Having a written record of goals is a great place to start, but why not take it a step further and have kids start to visualize themselves working toward the goals they have set?

Photo Suggestion Ideas

  • Back to Homeschool Photo Ideas - VolunteeringMake a trip to the library and find books your child plans to read this year and get a photo with their book selections.
  • Where would your child like to volunteer this year?  Schedule a field trip to visit that organization and learn about the volunteer opportunities.  Be be sure to take a photo while visiting.
  • What sport teams or clubs does your child plan to participate on this year? When they suit up for their first practice, snap their picture.

Print and attach photos to the kids’ Goals Page or have your teens use the photos as a screen saver on their electronic devices as a reminder of their goals for the new year.

2. Build Anticipation for Family Activities

In addition to personal goals, it is beneficial to help children understand and anticipate family events and activities.

Having a photo to remind children of upcoming shared family events and activities will keep special plans in mind as you work together to meet important milestones, especially those that might otherwise seem very big and very far away.

Photo Suggestion Ideas

  • Is there new skill or project your family plans to work on together during the new school year? Perhaps everyone wants to learn how to refinish a piece of furniture or plant a vegetable garden.  Take a photo in the space or with the supplies you think you will use as a way of reminding everyone of the desired outcome.
  • Back to Homeschool Photos - Family Goals - Education PossibleAre you saving and planning for a family vacation or big event during the next school year?  Have your children gather items from the place you hope to visit (the beach, a park, a family reunion, etc.) and take a photo.

An example – Our family loves to study history and geography together.  We have a family goal of taking a trip to Europe to explore many of the places we have learned about.  This year we want to research places to visit, begin to plan our trip, and create a savings plan to help us pay for the trip.  This is a BIG goal so having a photo to remind us of our desired destination will keep us motivated and focused on our dream trip.

Be sure to save and print your family photos in a visible space such as the refrigerator, or the space where you complete your homeschool lessons, as a ways to keep your family excited about shared goals.

Back to School Photo Tips

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture special back to home school memories.  The fact that you take a few photos to record special moments is the most important thing!

If you want to add a little extra magic to your photos, here are a couple of simple tips to help you:

Taking great photos isn’t hard, you just need to follow a few simple tips to help you get a good shot.  Our friend Pam shared a fun post with 8 Easy Tips for Fabulous Back-to-School Photosyou really have to check out these cool photos she took of her kids!

Add fun text and graphics to your photos.  Our favorite, FREE photo editing tool is PicMonkey.com.  We use PicMonkey just about everyday.  All of the photos we have added to his post have been edited in PicMonkey.  We use it with our personal photos too.  It is very easy to use,  but be warned…it’s almost addicting!  We’ve been known to spend hours experimenting with the different fonts, overlays, colors, etc.

If you don’t have a big professional camera DON’T WORRY!  This year we are using our iPhones to take our back to homeschool photos.  Keep it real and have fun! In a few years, when you look back through the photos, you will be reminded of the great memories you shared.

Let your kids be the photographers.  Parents don’t have to take all of the photos. Older kids love to take photos so ask them to capture fun photos to help visualize their goals or build anticipation for a family project.  If they are anything like my kids they will enjoy staging a few clever photos and sharing their creative masterpieces with the family!

Back to Homeschool Photo Ideas for Older Kids - EducationPossible.com

What are your tips for creative back to home school photos? 

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