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We know there are many educational websites out there and we’re happy that you stopped by ours.

One thing that makes us unique is that we are all about middle school. We believe that you can still have a lot of fun while teaching your older kids, often using the same resources that have worked for your family for years.

Here at Education Possible, we strive to be a go-to resource for middle school families by offering practical ideas, tips for teaching tweens/teens, and relevant product reviews.

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Who can benefit from the information found on our website?

Families who:

    • have older kids (5th – 9th grade)
    • are educating their children at home
    • want to supplement a traditional school curriculum with fun and engaging activities
    • want to make their vacations and field trips more educational
    • use technology as a tool for learning

Let us give you a tour!

Art is an important subject, but many homeschooling families struggle to add it in to their busy schedules. We’ll show you some simple and frugal art projects that will help you say yes to art again. Our favorite is chalk pastels.

Sure, once kids get a bit older, they grow out of simple crafts, but many still love being creative. Here are some of our favorite DIY projects that your teens will want to do.

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We value your privacy and would never spam you

We both firmly believe that the world is our classroom. School doesn't just happen while sitting at a desk.

One of our favorite places to learn is Walt Disney World.

Every Wednesday, we host Finishing Strong, a link-up dedicated to homeschooling the middle & high school years, where dedicated readers share their best advice on homeschooling teens. You’ll find the ideas and inspiration you’ll need to finish your homeschooling journey.

We talk a lot about geography here - map skills, topography, culture, etc. All of our geography lessons include project ideas too, making them perfect for hands-on learning.

History is a favorite subject of both our families. We strive to make it come to life for our kids and love sharing our ideas with you. Use them to help your kids fall in love with history.

We love our kids, but want them to move out on their own someday. Here’s where you’ll find all of the life lessons we’re trying to teach them to help them be successful.

Tired of math drills? Do what we do – play games instead!

Science is another favorite here. We love sharing simple activities and experiments that your junior high student will want to complete.

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you