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If your high school student has a a goal to attend college then you know good grades, a strong transcript, and extracurricular activities are just part of the equation.  The other important piece of the puzzle most college require is a great score on the SAT or ACT college entrance exams.

The SAT and ACT exams are structured differently, therefore students must determine which exam to take.  To make their decision high schoolers should do some research to figure out which exam best fits their academic knowledge and strengths.  They also need to know if a particular exam is preferred by the college(s) they will be applying to.

Build ACT Test Taking Strategies - GIVEAWAY - Education Possible

If your student decides to take the ACT we have some great news!  We are happy to share some wonderful resources to help build strong ACT test taking strategies in just 4-5 weeks.  Like most other teens we know, our high school aged children have full, busy schedules so they understand the importance of brief, focused, and effective exam review tools.  Fortunately that is exactly what REA’s ACT Strategy Smart and Math for the ACT deliver.

ACT Strategy Smart

Complete test prep in just one book (with online resources available)! 

ACT Strategy Smart, a 400+ page book from REA, offers students a 4 (or 5) week study program that includes important test-taking strategies, practice questions, and a review of knowledge/skills needed before taking the ACT. The information is relevant and organized which means that all study time will be focused and effective.

The ACT includes 4 subtests: English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning.  There is also an optional Writing Test.

This book and online tools offers one week-long study section for each of the subtest subjects — the 4 main areas as well as the optional writing section. The weekly review process will look like this:

  1. Review the information in the book
    • Understand the basic format of the test section – how many and what type of questions are included, how the questions will be presented, etc.
    • The time limit for this test section
    • General steps and strategies for approaching test questions
    • Review information for the exam content – this includes a general overview of the topic, examples, “Heads Up” & “Strategy Alert” notices to highlight key content and provide tips for figuring how to effectively approach a question and determine an answer
  2. Test and get feedback 
    • After reviewing information in the book students go to the REA Online Study Center to take a full-length practice test for that week’s subject
    • Tests are automatically scored giving students instant feedback
    • On-screen detailed explanations of answers include the correct answer along with information about why the other answer choices were incorrect
    • Score reports show students what they know and areas where they need to improve
  3. Improve your score
    • Using the feedback reports students know what information to go back and review further.  Students can use the book to focus on just the areas that need additional attention before moving forward. Once the material is mastered students can move on to the next subtest area.

At the end of the 4-5 week ACT study program students will take a full-length practice exam covering all sections.  This exam will also give a detailed score report to note if any address require additional practice and review.

In reviewing this guide with my teen we both appreciated the straightforward nature of the guide.  Yes, it is long at 400+ pages, but the information is presented in a way that is clear, easy to follow, and to the point.  Diagrams and bullet point lists are used effectively, rather than a lot of long paragraphs. The test question solutions are helpful in pointing out strategies for recognizing and understanding terms often used in the exam questions.

ACT Strategy Smart

Math for the ACT

What do your students do if math isn’t their strongest subject or if they work through the ACT Strategy Smart book and they need additional help to improve their math score?

They can move onto REA’s Math for the ACT.  Written by Bob Miller, a math teacher with more than 30 years of experience, Math for the ACT offers detailed review opportunities for all of the math skills students will find on the ACT exam.

This 300+ page book includes:

16 chapters to review concepts and terms for topics covered by the ACT math exam, example questions, solutions with explanations, and practice exercises. Topics covered are:

  • Chapter 1 – Basic Basics
  • Chapter 2 – Arithmetic
  • Chapter 3 – Exponents
  • Chapter 4 – Radicals
  • Chapter 5 – Algebraic Skills
  • Chapter 6 – Equations and Inequalities
  • Chapter 7 – Problems with Words
  • Chapter 8 – Working with Two or More Unknowns
  • Chapter 9 – Points and Lines
  • Chapter 10 – Angles and Triangles
  • Chapter 11 – More Two-Dimensional Figures
  • Chapter 12 – Circles
  • Chapter 13 – Three-Dimensional Figures
  • Chapter 14 – Other Algebraic Topics – functions, parabolas, absolute value graph, logarithms
  • Chapter 15 – Trigonometry
  • Chapter 16 – Important Miscellany – counting, probability, charts & graphs, sets, matrices, translations, and more

The remainder of the book offers 4 sample ACT Math exams with answers. Students are encouraged to take their time working through the first few tests in order to apply what they have learned. When taking the final sample test students can consider timing themselves to get an understanding of the timing for the actual exam.

After completing each sample test students can use the answers provided to review each question to ensure understanding.

Everything your student will need for the ACT math exam review is included in this book, there are no online activities or resources with this guide.

Math for the ACT

Where Can You Find ACT Strategy Smart & Math for the ACT?

These very helpful ACT exam review and practice guides are available from

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