Blueberry Picking in Central Florida

It’s springtime, which means it’s time to go blueberry picking here in Central Florida. The U-Pick season traditionally runs from April to mid-May.

My kids love to pick fruit! They realize there is something special about eating food that they’ve picked themselves. 

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Every year, we use our freshly picked berries to make blueberry muffins, lemon blueberry bread, blueberry jam, and of course blueberry pancakes!

Take advantage of this opportunity to get kids excited about working in the kitchen by helping them create something with the fruit they’ve just picked. Make the time to teach them some much needed cooking skills.

This lemon blueberry bread recipe is easy to make and it’s so delicious!

Cooking is one of the life skills I'm constantly working on with my girls. This lemon blueberry bread recipe is easy to make and it's so delicious!

Picking Your Own Berries

We have many places available to pick fruit in our community and you can find one near you at Pick Your Own.

Two of our two favorite locations for blueberries are:

Beck Brothers Blueberries U-Pick
12500 Overstreet Road
Windermere, Florida
Beck Brothers Blueberries
9-5 weekends; cash only

H & F Blueberry Farm
604 Pink Apartment Road
Davenport, Florida

When looking for a U-Pick farm you may want to ask the following questions to see if the location is a good fit for you:

  • Are the aisles wide and easy to maneuver?
  • Are the plants tall, allowing you to stand as you pick the fruit or will you have to bend down?
  • What pesticides do they use, if any?
  • What are the payment options?
  • Do you have to bring your own containers to take the fruit home?

Add Some Learning to Your Trip

When visiting, spend some time talking with the farm’s owner or workers if they’re available. They work hard on their farms and love to share their knowledge.

For example, a couple of years ago, we learned from Fatima (the owner of H & F Blueberry Farm) that you should not wash your berries when you get home if you are not going to use them immediately.

Instead, you should freeze those that you want to save for later and wash them after you thaw them. Otherwise you will have mushy berries when you unfreeze them.

blueberry picking in Central Florida Education Possible

Blueberry picking is a great activity to do with friends, so consider inviting some along. It’s easy to talk as you work side-by-side, filling your buckets. Maybe you could even work together on a blueberry baking lesson! Use this lemon blueberry bread recipe.

Will your family be picking your own blueberries this year? If so, where is your favorite place to go?

Megan Zechman
I love homeschooling! Learning is a way of life for our family. Most days you will find us exploring our Central Florida community, having fun while learning. I am constantly looking for new and interactive ways to engage my older children.
Megan Zechman
Megan Zechman