Online Art Courses for Teens – GIVEAWAY from Sparketh!

Attention homeschool parents:

Do you need help teaching art to your middle and high school student?

Is your teen interested in learning to draw but you don’t know how to help?

Does your homeschool student enjoy using online courses to learn new skills independently?

Online Art Course for Teens - GIVEAWAY! at Education Possible

Do yourself a favor and enter our GIVEAWAY now!

We are very happy to share information about an interesting and creative new online learning platform for kids and teens called Sparketh.

Sparketh online art courses are tailored for 10-18 year old homeschoolers – we know for a fact that not many programs are focused specifically on this age group so we are super excited to be the first to tell you about this opportunity!

Art Courses for Teens

Sparketh’s goal is to teach kids how to become a master artist.

Students start by learning the basics of art and then develop their skills in a structured way. All lessons are taught by talented and passionate mentors and are available online, 24/7.

New lessons are added each week and offer something for every skill level from beginner through advanced.

Sparketh Online Art Courses for Homeschool

Courses cover these categories-

  • Technical: Students learn the very basics and the foundation of art.
  • Activities: Use those techniques and apply them on a smaller scale.
  • Projects: Take those techniques and show students how to apply them on a larger scale.
  • Creative: We give students guidelines to have the creative freedom to practice and implement everything they learned.
  • Challenges: This is where students boost their creativity with quick out-of-the-box challenges. Ready, set, go!

Here is an example of an Intermediate Activity: How to Draw a Tree Frog


The nice folks at Sparketh would like to make life easier for homeschool parents – they are offering…

a free month unlimited access to Sparketh


the BEST part of this GIVEAWAY…

there will be 20 WINNERS!


That’s right, 20 families will win a free month of unlimited access to Sparketh!

Your teens will be able to work at their own pace, and follow their personal interests, to learn art techniques from engaging and creative professionals.

Sparketh Online Art Courses

Enter now, using the Giveaway Tools widget below.

Winners will be contacted on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 via email. The team at Sparketh will get all of the information to you for setting up your access and they will even walk you through the set-up process on the phone if you’d like, just to make life a little easier.

For more information about Sparketh, please visit them:

Enter Now - Free Online Art Course for Teens - Education Possible


  1. My daughter would like to learn more about light and shading. She’s also interested in learning more acrylic paint techniques.

  2. ckbrockett says:

    My daughter would enjoy drawing animals as well as how to use a variety of media.

  3. Kathleen P. says:

    I am not sure. They both love drawing with pencil/charcoal. They would probably enjoy learning watercolor.

  4. Jennifer in SC says:

    Can’t get the link to work for the drawing… the page won’t load. Rats. We would love to try this out.

  5. he’d like to learn acrylics.

  6. Kerrie Johnson says:

    This looks like a great program. I would live for my daughter to learn about watercolors and pastels

  7. Barbara M. Hall says:

    My daughter has some natural talent and she seems to enjoy creating art as well as viewing it (though less so). I am eager to see what she could do with a free month!

  8. My daughter is very interested in photography now, so any art lessons on lighting and composition would be helpful and interesting to her.

  9. Celia Tock says:

    I’m not sure. I think my daughter’s would like to improve their charcoal and pen and ink sketching, but would probably like other techniques as well.

  10. apple blossom says:

    making people

  11. Jennifer N in SC says:

    Hooray- the links are fixed and we can even see the sample lesson today. Looks great!
    My son is particular would love the pen and ink lessons. He is a major doodler!

  12. Stephanie T says:

    My daughter would love to further her drawing skills!

  13. Joan Foley says:

    My daughter is interested acrylic painting techniques

  14. Jasmine Strauss says:

    Thanks for the chance to enter. My child would love to learn more skills in pencil and charcoal drawing, as well as watercolor and mixed media.

  15. My daughter would like to improve her drawing skills. Thank you for sharing this resource.

  16. My daughter would like to learn more about shading and creating texture in her drawings.

  17. I’d love to win this!

  18. Emily Delaney says:

    My 12 year old daughter would love to learn more about shading and my 10 year old son could use some help with shading.

  19. Digital, graphic

  20. Kelly Kiggins-Lund says:

    What a wonderful opportunity for creative minds. Thank you for sharing this great offer!

  21. This sounds awesome!

  22. 🙂

  23. My son would like to improve his drawing ability.

  24. My daughter would like to learn more about drawing faces and the human body. Bless you!

  25. Elizabeth W says:

    My son really just wants to learn to draw. I haven’t done a great job providing him opportunities to learn so this sounds perfect.

  26. chickie brewer says:

    I think my granddaughter would enjoy drawing animals especially cats!