Study Electricity – Middle School Science Basket Giveaway

Study Electricity - Middle School Science Basket Giveaway Education Possible

How would you like to start the school year off by studying electricity? We’re celebrating back to homeschool by giving away a middle school science basket, full of items that will help your children learn about electricity.

This Middle School Science Giveaway Includes:

  1. The Science of Disney Imagineering: Electricity DVD – learn about electricity through the magic of Disney’s theme parks
  2. Science for Smart Kids – Electricity and Magnetism, written by our awesome sponsor, Colleen Kessler
  3. Assorted LEDs
  4. (2) 6.3 volt bulbs and holders
  5. (4) 9 volt batteries
  6. (3) batteries (D cell) and holders
  7. Wire and alligator clips
  8. Small plastic container

middle school science basket details @Education Possible

With this basket and some household items, you’ll be able to complete a number of fun experiments, including:

  • which foods conduct electricity
  • exploring static electricity
  • creating different types of circuits
  • making a simple switch

Just enter below for your chance to kick the year off with some electrifying science!

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Megan Zechman
I love homeschooling! Learning is a way of life for our family. Most days you will find us exploring our Central Florida community, having fun while learning. I am constantly looking for new and interactive ways to engage my older children.
Megan Zechman
Megan Zechman


  1. Tammy Jones says:


  2. Jess @ You,Me and B says:

    My middle schooler likes performing experiments to see how things react to each other.

  3. He loves everything about science! Just soaks it all up. Would like to get into more detail about electricity and circuitry.

  4. Brenda Saball says:

    My daughter LOVES all of the science experiments. Hates doing the bookwork.

  5. Thanks.

  6. Kimberly R says:

    My middle schooler loves science the best!

  7. Brooke Simmons says:

    My upcoming middle schooler cannot wait to learn about science!!

  8. Maggie C. says:

    They love learning about animals but are thrilled with anything hands on.

  9. My middle schooler is really interested in studying the ocean and its inhabitants.

  10. Anything and everything as long as it includes and experiment!

  11. anything about animals, he loves when we go to the zoo!

  12. tammy cordery says:

    My kids like everything about science. Being hands on experimenting on everything. The only thing they don’t like is the lab reports. They would love doing these experiments with electricity.

  13. Nature

  14. Animals and inventions.

  15. Joseph Dennis says:

    Our oldest loves dissecting! Youngest loves everything!

  16. Marci Wright says:

    My middle schooler’s favorite subject is science! We’ve done experiments with magnets, prisms, & more. He loves hands on lessons!

  17. She loves to learn about nature and anything with experiments to perform.

  18. My daughter loves to learn everything about science! Right now it’s anatomy.

  19. My sixth grader loves all things science. He’s very interested in electricity, chemistry, physics… pretty much anything science related!

  20. Wendy Pierce says:

    Most of our science at this point has been nature study & life science. However, he has been asking about more mechanical things here lately….like “how do motors work?”

  21. Mine loves it all but especially doing experiments.

  22. he likes to learn about rocks and gems because it reminds him of mine craft

  23. My daughter loves the study of animals and any kind of life sciences.

  24. Kristina U says:

    My son loves anything to do with science.

  25. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway. It will surely be a blessing to any family! We love anything experiment wise.

  26. Astronomy and Geology

  27. What does your middle schooler love to learn about in science?

    He likes ALL science, but anything weather related the most….

  28. My middle schooler loves to learn about engineering, and physics the most, but loves almost any type of science.

  29. Michelle B says:

    OMG my son would love this stuff. He loves most of the sciences, but especially chemistry.

  30. Love this!

  31. Rebecca Dewey says:

    He enjoys learning about how and why things work.

  32. My son LOVES animals!! He also loves learning about how things work – just like his Daddy! 🙂

  33. Thank you so much for sharing this. We love science, but sometimes struggle to keep it going.

  34. My middle school loves to see how things work, take things apart and make things

  35. My kids are really interested in Astronomy right now.

  36. Charlene says:

    My 10yo is really into aviation right now.

  37. My middle school student loves all hands-on experiments and making connections between different subjects. Thanks for the chance!

  38. My daughter loves learning life sciences.

  39. Michelle C. says:

    Awesome giveaway!!

  40. If there are experiments they love anything. We are doing electricity and magnetism next semester. This basket would be great!

  41. Christine says:

    He loves to learn about animals.

  42. Judith Martinez says:

    My middle schooler is fascinated by the human body right now.

  43. Lately – human body.

  44. My middle schooler likes the life sciences the most. But enjoys just about any science topic.

  45. Teri Carlson says:

    We LOVE anything science! Hands on experiments make it even better! My boys adore projects with a visible end result so an electricity unit would be right up their alley!

  46. My middle schooler loves to do experiments. We would love to win this!

  47. April W. says:

    My middle schooler would study nothing but Biology if she had her choice.

  48. My 13-year-old daughter is really into chemistry!

  49. mostly kitchen science and nature study here!

  50. She loves space and earth science more than anything. That’s what we are doing this year. There has been some enjoyment of electricity, but it pales to astronomy.

  51. My middle schooler enjoys hands-on practical science, like kitchen chemistry.

  52. Joan Foley says:

    What a great basket! And it absolutely fits with our science studies this year. How exciting!

  53. Dawnielle says:

    She loves rocks, gems, also electricity but I never seem to have everything we need. This would be so great!!! Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  54. Thanks for having this basket. Looks like fun!

  55. Gidget Pettey says:

    My middle schooler is antsy to use the microscope his uncle loaned us. That’s what we’re focusing on in August.

  56. Melanie Dailey says:

    Anything and everything, especially rocks. They love learning about how things work.

  57. My middle schooler loves to learn about inventions and space!

  58. Earth Sciences & Weather, as well as having an “Engineering” slant. Loves to see how things work and figure out how to make it work after he takes it apart.

  59. Leigh Owens says:

    I have a rising middle school daughter who loves science, especially chemistry experiments and creationism. She would love these resources!

  60. He loves to do any kind of experiment!

  61. Bonnie Boucek says:

    How things work.

  62. julia cosgrove says:

    My son loves everything about science. He wants to be a scientist.

  63. Great giveaway and would go wonderfully with our electricity unit study!

  64. Oh this is one basket right up my alley. This would be fun!

  65. This looks awesome!

  66. ginny0228 says:

    We are a nerdy family and love science.

  67. Discovering how things work and they love experiments.

  68. Naomi Filos says:

    My middle schooler loves to learn about any thing to do with flying and space projects.

  69. Jessica B. says:

    They love to learn about anything science related but especially astronomy and physics.

  70. My daughter loves science so far she likes everything about it.

  71. My son loves anything science really! This year is astronomy on the condition that we do my choice, anatomy next year!

  72. He loves ANYTHING science!

  73. Stuff that makes a mess.

  74. My 11 year old’s favorite subject is Science. He has helped me rewire outlets and replace light fixtures; he loves anything having to do with electricity and circuits. This would be a great kit for him.

  75. My son loves to do experiements. He even creates his own! 🙂

  76. My son loves hands on applications with small machines and robotics.

  77. Looks great and will fit in perfectly for our lessons this year! Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Shellie M says:

    Anything hands on!

  79. Dianna Thomas says:

    Great giveaway!! Thank you!– Well, Jesse the youngest– loves experiments, hands-on projects,Our last science book “Flying Creatures”– we made feathers, so that he would learn that they are not all the same ,right down to the little barbs on each frond of the feathers– he loved it– Then we did so bird watching at a reserve, and tracking migration– It opened so many doors

  80. Chemistry, and anything that is messy or blows up 😉

  81. Experiments and weird/cool facts

  82. My middle schooler is more a history buff, but I fear that’s mostly because I’ve not done a great job with science. This would be a fantastic new start!

  83. Laura H. says:

    I have a naturalist on my hands- anything nature!

  84. Colleen T says:

    Perfect basket for the science loving girl in my house.

  85. My son loves playing with circuits

  86. Marybeth S says:

    Just started homeschooling (8th grade) and am working on finding out his interests.

  87. My son loves everything science! He especially likes learning about astronomy and enjoys conducting experiments of all kinds!

  88. My daughter is interested in Marine Biology.

  89. Melissa Squires says:

    My child loves to learn all things Science related. It is her favorite subject.

  90. Anything hands on is a winner at our house!

  91. Michele F says:

    We love animals, human body (my favorite as a nurse)….we haven’t done are great study on electricity. My husband and son would be thrilled.

  92. Charissa Rice says:

    Everything! She loves science!

  93. Thanks!

  94. My daughter loves the technical aspects of “how” everything works. She’s fascinated by chemistry, and wants to be a paleontologist. Your pinterest boards look really exciting, and *I* would like to learn more about electricity with my kids.

  95. April Pachuta says:

    My kids love circuits and lasers!

  96. Astronomy

  97. My son loves doing experiments on everything

  98. My sons both enjoy hands-on learning when it comes to science! They especially love experiments.

  99. All science appeals to my guys. We are looking forward to using our Snap Circuits this year!

  100. My son wants to be a Marine Biologist, so we love anything underwater!

  101. My son loves, loves, loves science. I haven’t found something he doesn’t love to learn about. It’s favorite though is robotics and engineering.

  102. Kristina W. says:

    My kids mostly like to learn about zoology and astronomy! Thank you for the opportunity to win! 🙂

  103. Rebekah Mick says:

    He mostly loves learning about animals, but he is really excited about anything science

  104. My middle schoolers have loved learning about many different sciences, Their favorites have been biology and anatomy. Their new love, though, is electricity! This would be perfect 😀

  105. Jess McCarthy says:

    Anything to do with animals. Physics are a close second for my youngest.

  106. Cheryl L. says:

    My middle-schooler is all over science! His favorite topic is weather.

  107. Theresa Brown says:

    My ds loves anything mechanical or electrical, my dd love animals.

  108. This goes right along with what we’re studying this year!!!

  109. Misty Folwell says:

    She enjoys all aspects of science, especially experiments. Seeing how things work first hand makes science so real and exciting!

  110. Jessica Carlson says:

    Animals, experiments, and anything hands-on

  111. Elizabeth W says:

    Everything! I pretty sure I have a scientist on my hands.

  112. I don’t have a middle schooler, but I teach the middle schoolers zt co op. They like experiments!

  113. This all looks so awesome! Would it totally be hoarding if I won it and held on to it until my 7 year old is middle school aged?!?!

  114. She loves anything having to do with space!!

  115. He really loves all things mechanical!

  116. Mine loves to learn about anatomy!

  117. What an awesome giveaway! This would be a big help!

  118. Experiments and hands on activities

  119. Alesha OL says:

    She loves to study the mixture and composition of things

  120. This is our second attempt at homeschooling, but first year of middle school, so I’m not sure my son will like the best…This giveaway looks awesome, though!

  121. Cristy S. says:

    The two new middle schoolers in my library club are loving mostly chemical/physical changes right now, but I know my girl is going to love electricity and magnetism!

  122. My middle school kiddo loves everything about science – especially astronomy.

  123. Heather Hanks says:

    My dd loves learning about animals but is ready to explore other areas.

  124. Wonderful basket. Thanks for the chance.

  125. My son loves zoology! He is taking an anatomy class at co-op this year and is excited about all of the dissections

  126. My son loves aeronautics.

  127. My son loves nature science and electrical circuits

  128. Christine Mast says:

    My daughter loves science experiments. This is a great giveaway for her. Thanks!

  129. Danielle Hull says:

    They love hands-on experiments! I wonder if they even remember how it applies to science most of the time 🙂

  130. This is perfect for my two boys!

  131. Sarah Dupree says:

    We recently finished Anatomy and Physiology but they are really looking forward to Astronomy especially with all the unusual moons this year.

  132. September West says:

    My middle schooler loves to learn about all kinds of vehicles & aircraft in science.

  133. My middle schooler is still super into dinosaurs, engineering, magnets, electricity & his arduino kits.

  134. My middle schooler is a science nut, so pretty much everything. Her favorite is biology and earth sciences, though. 🙂

  135. melpallex says:

    My middle schooler is an inventor-wannabe, so anything science-y is right up his alley…especially electricity, engineering, physics…anything!

  136. My son is really into geology right now.

  137. My middle schooler likes chemistry, earth science and astronomy.