The Ultimate Guide to Hands-on Learning Activities for Middle School

Using hands-on learning activities is the best way to get and keep middle school students engaged and to help them learn. My favorite subjects to add projects to are middle school geography, history, and science.

As children move through the middle school years they begin to think more critically and ask many “why” questions.  It is not enough to read a fact in a book, they want to test theories and explore possibilities for themselves and hands-on learning activities help to achieve that goal.

Middle school students are also becoming more independent learners.  Often they can complete hands-on learning activities with little help from adults.  Learning to follow directions and working through a problem in a step-by-step fashion are important skills to develop at this age.

The Ultimate Guide to Hands-on Learning Activities for Middle School

With the help of our friends we have gathered many wonderful hands-on learning activities for middle school students in the areas of Art, Field Trips, History & Geography, Language Arts, Life Skills, Math, and Science.

Hopefully this list will be a resource you can refer back to whenever you’re looking for an interesting project to enhance your learning.

Hands-on learning activities for middle school art

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Art Project: Canopic Jars

Art Project: Tomb Walls – Combine Art and History!

A Study of Van Gogh

Celebrating Spring with Chalk Art

Chalk Pastels Art

Cherry Blossoms in Porcelain Vase Art Project – Asian Theme Art Lesson 

Chuck Close Portraits

Create a Stained Glass Rose Window

Everything You Need for a Cezanne Study

Fruit and Veggie Art – Examine positive and negative shapes in a piece of fruit or a veggie 

Independent Art Project: Wassily Kandinsky

Learning About Perspective Part I

Learning Art History With Home School In The Woods

Mix Monochromatic Colors!

Studying Baroque Music with SQUILT

Studying the Masters with Mixed Media 

Hands-on Learning Activities for Middle School - Field Trips

Field trips

6 Things My Older Kids Enjoy at LEGOLAND Florida

7 Places to Homeschool Away From Home in Central Florida

Bring Science to Life at the Aquarium

Digging Up Some Fun at Dinosaur World

Five Reasons to Visit Bok Tower Gardens

Learning at Epcot’s Behind the Seeds Tour

Learning at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival

LEGO Store – So Much to Explore

Literature Lessons from Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Meet African Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Meet the Manatees at Blue Springs State Park

Studying History While Visiting the Magic Kingdom

Sweet, Tart Cranberries

Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea

What Older Kids Can Learn at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

 Hands-on Learning Activities for Middle School History & Geography

History & Geography

5 Easy Colonial America Map Activities for Kids

6 Covered Wagon Learning Activities

Ben Franklin: Inventions and Hands-on History

Build an Edible Ancient Temple

Building Geography Skills with Topographic Maps

Colonial Games for Children

Discover the 13 Colonies Notebooking and Activities

Do the Preamble (Un)Scramble

Draw Your Own Cartouche: Personalized Hieroglyphics

Duct tape warfare

First Battle of Bull Run

Geography Activities: Atlas Scavenger Hunt

Geography Challenge – Boarders, Countries & Continental Drift

Great World War II Projects You Can Build Yourself

Have Fun with American Heroes: Activities, Projects, and Fascinating Facts

Historical Cooking: Native American Corn Recipes

How to Use American Girl to Study History

Korean War lesson plan

Latitude and Longitude Scavenger Hunt

Make a Seven Wonders of the World Brochure

Make Civil War Hardtack

Medieval Fashion: Peasant Girl

Mummifying a chicken

North Star Geography

Paper Soldiers and Wargames from Junior General

Play Minecraft

Re-enact History with Duct Tape

Road to Independence – How far did the American delegates travel to sign the Declaration of Independence

Social Studies Actual Size

Spanish American War

Spice Up Your Geography Lessons With Regional Foods

Study the American Revolution by Combining Art and History

Studying Geography with Regional Foods: Russia

The Civil War For Kids: A History With 21 Activities

Time Travelers History Study Series Review

Why did the United States enter the Vietnam War

Victory in Europe

What caused World War 1

Write Mythological Mad Libs

Hands-on learning activities for middle school - Language Arts

Language arts

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Poem

Activities & Projects to Honor Hans Christian Andersen

Around the World in 80 Days – Book Study & Activities

Biography Report Form

Cause and Effect Card Game Activity

Compare and Contrast – Diagram a Story

Free Literature Resources for Great Classics!

Fun Family Activities for Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Having Fun With the Penderwicks

The Hobbit – Study While Playing Minecraft

How to Write a Detailed Procedure

Macbeth Poem for Kids

Make a Travel Diary – Practice writing skills on a family vacation

Making a Diorama of Dante’s Inferno

Mary Poppins Book Study and Activities

Ode to the Mona Lisa

Peter Pan – Learning Activities

Play Minecraft and Join Your Favorite Books

Robert Frost Study art, resources, rhyme scheme, poetry notebooks 

Romeo and Juliet Poem for Kids

Shakespeare: facts, resources, trips, cake

The Secret Garden Book Study & Activities

World Study Guides for Classic Literature

 Hands-on Learning Activities for Middle School - Life Skills

Life skills

6 Life Skills for Teens

Bridge Builder Instant Challenge ~ Logic for Kids  

Building Life Skills with FIRST LEGO League (FLL)

Goal Setting for Teens

Make a Sequence Sandwich – Learn to decipher directions and practice sequencing

Setting Fitness Goals

Spring Cleaning Science

State the Pros and Cons by Hosting a Mock Debate

Teaching Kids Life Skills: Food Shopping

Teaching Kids Life Skills: Goal Setting

Teaching Kids Life Skills: How to Tie a Necktie

Teaching Kids Life Skills: Managing Schedules

Teaching Kids Life Skills: Money Management

Teaching Kids Life Skills: Sewing

Teaching Kids Life Skills: Thank You Notes

Teaching Kids to Cook ~ Epcot Food & Wine

Teaching My Kids About Meal Planning Was “Easy as Pie”

Teaching Values through Service and Leadership

Weekly Homeschool Planning Meeting with Multiple Ages 

What Our Kids Can Learn From Famous Inventors – The Benefits of Making Mistakes

Hands-on Learning Activities for Middle School - Math


50+ Math Games

Hands-On Math: Graphing Fun

Life of Fred Played in Minecraft

Living Math: A Round-up of Resources

Math Projects: 50 Hands-On Projects that Correlate to Specific Math Concepts, Grades 5-8+

Number Rings: A Cool Math Game

Real-Life Math : Grocery Store Challenge

Simple Game for Building Mental Math Skills

Three Games You Can Make in Five Minutes

Hands-on Learning Activities for Middle Science Science


Amoeba Cake

Build an Atom with Candy

Build a Potato Cannon to learn the principle of Boyle’s Law

Easy Science Projects for Studying Friction

Encouraging Girls in STEM

Engineering Science with the World’s Tallest Buildings Unit Study

Experiment with Magnetism: Make a Hanging Compass

Explore Genetics by Finding Family Traits

Exploring Alternative Energy: Hydroelectric Dams

Extract DNA from Spinach

Food Web Activity

Freezer Bubbles, An Easy Science Experiment

Geology Rocks! Learning about Rocks and Minerals

Groovy Science Activity – Make Your Own Lava Lamp

Groundwater Experiment

Gumdrop Structures Engineering Challenge

Hands-on Activities for Weather

How Do Oil Spills Harm Wildlife?

How to Make a Tornado in a Bottle

How to Make an Edible Cell Model

Lego Bacteria

Make a Molecule

Raising Butterflies

Science Activities to Learn About Levers

Science Logic Curriculum

Simple Science: Catapults and Trajectory

Spin the Bucket: A Centripetal Force Experiment

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Stored Energy

Supercharged Science

The Lab Report – Making A Polymer Ball

You Can Order Live Amoebas!

 The Ultimate Guide to Hands-on Learning Activities for Middle School

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