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  1. My teen loves to cook spaghetti; it’s her favorite food and she is always wanting to cook it.

  2. Pancakes! They love to make them, change them and eat them!!! And not just for breakfast!

  3. My teen loves to cook and cooking is a great way to integrate math and science. Our family would love this basket!

  4. My kids love to cook. Some of their favs to prepare themselves are: pizza, pepperoni rolls, chicken and dumplings, and sweets such as cupcakes and cookies

  5. What a fun cooking basket!! Our family would just loooove loooove on this. Good luck everyone!

  6. My teen and preteens all love cooking sweets the best, although they are also interested in ethnic foods. We would love to win this awesome gift basket! Thanks for offering it!

  7. My teen’s favorite things to cook are chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls, all from scratch! They are delicious!

  8. My 14-yr-old daughter just started taking an interest in cooking a few months ago. She loves to make homemade macaroni and cheese and spaghetti.

  9. My daughter would love this… she has a passion for cooking, although
    most times I think it’s just her way of making a mess of my kitchen.
    She’s a good cook.

  10. Both of my daughters love to cook! My oldest has a great homemade cake recipe and my youngest likes to cook about anything I’ll let her!

  11. Our son’s favorite thing to cook is Top Ra Mein Soup although he can cook just about any canned soup! He’s just the age to start learning to cook, so this would be a great start for him!

  12. Our teen son (on the autism spectrum) loves cooking! He likes to read “Good Eats” books by Alton Brown. His favorite to make is homemade doughs (pizza, bread, etc) and baking about any sweet treat. We’re working on “Sneaky Chef” recipes to add nutrients into his diet. Knowing that he’s putting veggie purees in his own recipes helps him to try it.

  13. Thank you for putting this together! This will be our first homeschooling year, looking forward in growing and learning with my kids!

  14. Thankfully, I have a teen who enjoys cooking! She is a very good gluten free baker. This giveaway is right up her alley! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. This is a wonderful basket of giveaway goodies. My daughter has been baking lately. Right now she’s very proud of her Pepper Shrimp dish that came out awesome.
    Carol L

  16. My teen loves to cook meals…he loves to experiement with shrimp….and loves to surprise me with a complete meal once a week!

  17. My daughter’s favorite recipe is to make an apple salad recipe that has been in our family for 3 generations. She thinks it’s neat to make something that her grandma and her mom has made for many years.

  18. My daughters love to bake cakes….actually, it is the decorating that they really enjoy!

  19. Both of my kids have a sweet tooth, and both volunteer to help bake cakes or muffins. For dinner they like making either spaghetti or burritos.

  20. My daughters first item to make all by herself was lasagna.
    I was very proud and it was delicious!

  21. One of Kiersten’s favorite things to make are homemade chicken nuggets. She also loves to bake.

  22. My eight year old has a love for cooking, and wants to be a chef. He would love if we won. Thanks for offering these goodies.

  23. My sons favorite thing to cook is Mac N Cheese, followed closely by Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

  24. She asks what I’m cooking, and then she asks if she can help. She doesn’t really have a favorite, but if I were to let her go wild, she’d probably make cakes and cookies all day. Hey, maybe that’s not such a bad idea!!

  25. My son loves to cook fried eggs! When I start breakfast in the mornings he always volunteers to cook the eggs! He also likes making homemade cookies.

  26. My teen loves to cook everything. But she is a really good baker. She had talked of culinary school but we shall see as she gets older.

  27. I have three teens and they all like to make something different. My son likes to do scrambled eggs. One of my daughter’s likes to make salad and my other daughter likes to cook fish. My 11 year old is just glad to be able to make p.b. sandwiches! I’m working with them all this year to learn new dishes.

  28. My daughter’s specialty so far is eggs. So breakfast burritos are becoming part of our dinner rotation.

  29. My one teen loves to cook just about anything – but he is a master with the grill ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. My daughter makes the best chocolate chip cookies and she always makes her siblings birthday cakes.

  31. My son just loves to cook. He loves baking the most, but really savors the flavors when cooking. We even got him his own pans.

  32. My guys love to cook just about anything! Theyโ€™ve made homemade pizza, omelets, etc. My oldest boy also likes to create his own recipes and cook them for us at lunch.

  33. Love this idea! Haven’t been to your site before, but I will definitely be returning. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Oops! Forgot to mention, my son loves to make French Toast for our “Breakfast or Dinner” nights ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. My daughter loves to bake and has found a love of chopping salsa ingredients this summer.

  36. I have just got my step daughters ( 13 & 15 ) to where they are wanting to cook, this would be awesome for me to use to help motivate them. I thank you so much for the opportunity to win your giveaway!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  37. Since my oldest wants to go to culinary school, he would love this!! He already makes some simple things, pancakes, a little stir fry. This would be the next step! Thank you for the opportunity!

  38. My teen loves to cook and bake just about anything. But her favorite would have to be pizza.

  39. Her favorite thing to cook is eggs! All different ways — scrambled, fried, poached, omelet — you name it!

  40. My teen loves to cook poached eggs with basil & fried potatoes (he grows his own taters!). But, he loves to cook just about anything. He wants to go to culinary school.

  41. My only teen at the moment doesn’t actually like to cook. She likes to make brownies, mostly because she likes to eat them. My 12 year old, on the other hand is passionate about cooking. He loves to make baked chicken and is very proud of his fried eggs.

  42. We love making French Toast! Also had my guy helping me make pita bread yesterday!

  43. My daughter loves to bake and cook just about everything. She hates the clean up though:)

  44. My daughter loves to make apple pie, apple cake, apple muffins – anything baked with apples!

  45. My daughter is just getting into cooking. She likes to bake cookies and muffins. She wants to learn to cook and dreams of being a chef some day so this would be awesome.

  46. My son loves to grill hotdogs and make pancakes and brownies. Scrambled eggs are next on the list of things to learn to cook!

  47. My 15 year old daughter loves to cook everything. She is going to be taking a cooking course later this year.

  48. My son says birthday cake (doesn’t matter the type) is his favorite. He loves homemade pizza, too.

  49. This is so exciting! We just planned our year and we decided cooking would really spice up our geography lessons and my 15 year old decided that cooking made her list of top 3 things to learn this year because as she put it: “It’s something I can use for the rest of my life” She does already make a killer chicken casserole but would love to do more! This is just what we needed! THANKS!!!

  50. I admit, I don’t have any teens yet. But, my children all help out in the kitchen (they are 3, 5, 7, and 8). My 7 and 8 year old are able to bake cakes by themselves (from a box mix) and my 8 year old has cooked scrambled eggs before ( a bit salty, but she is getting there)

  51. My kids love to cook! They would be so happy to get something like this. They like to make everything, but baking is always good! ๐Ÿ˜€

  52. What a great prize! My daughter loves to bake anything sweet, and my son is all about pumpkin pie – any time of year! What a great prize!!