World Geography: A Comprehensive Online High School Course for Curious Teens

Every day our teens hear about events and occurrences that happen around the globe.

  • Do they know where these activities are taking place?
  • Do they understand how actions half way around the world can impact them here at home?
  • Do they take responsibility to protect the planet they live on for future generations?

One of the most important courses high school students can take is world geography. With a new online world geography course from North Star Geography teens can become well-informed global citizens and receive high school credit for their efforts.

World Geography Online High School Course - Education Possible

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Teaching World Geography

For a long time we have shared our love of learning about geography. We have created many hands-on learning activities to help our middle school students bring world geography topics to life.

As our homeschool students have moved into high school level work we have relied on North Star Geography to offer exceptional learning resources for our family studies. This world geography course actually offers all of the materials needed for parents to be amazing homeschool geography teachers.

We understand, however, that teaching high school world geography isn’t something all homeschool parents are ready or able to do.


  • Your high school student prefers to work independently?
  • You have a wide range of ages in your homeschool and your younger children are not ready for middle/high school level work?
  • Geography isn’t a course you feel comfortable teaching?


North Star Geography is now available as an online high school credit course!

You child can now work independently through the North Star Geography course material.

And, if your student has questions or needs assistance, he/she will receive support and feedback directly from the course creator, Tyler Hogan of Bright Ideas Press.
Bright Ideas Press

North Star Geography Online Class

The online version of North Star Geography includes all of the comprehensive content of the original course. It covers in detail the important geography concepts of:

Geography Skills – map reading and navigation

Physical Geography – the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere

Human Geography – social structures, culture and heritage, interacting with the environment, and more

Features of the online course include:

The North Star Geography Student Reader is available in a print and/or audiobook version for the online course. This is very helpful for reluctant readers.

Course components are is offered in downloadable formats so students can print them when needed.  Information includes:

  • Map work
  • Research questions
  • Note-taking pages
  • Graphic organizers
  • Reference maps
  • Assignments

Students also have many options to bring the course materials to life with hands-on activities and projects. Instructions and supply lists are available for download and students can select the projects that best meet their interests and learning styles.

Tests are completed online. Students receive test grades and feedback instantly. Students can also retake tests if necessary.

When students have questions or need support they can interact with other students or message the course author, Tyler Hogan, directly. This is a terrific benefit!

Bright Ideas Press

If your homeschool student is looking for a comprehensive and beneficial high school credit course, be sure to check out the new North Star Geography online course today!


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