Around the World in 80 Days – Book Study & Activities

Around the World in 80 Days Book Study & Activities

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The Jules Verne classic Around the World in 80 Days has long been a favorite in our house.  It seems, however, that our family can’t simply READ a book, we are always looking for ways to “bring it to life” with a variety of learning activities!

Here are a few activities we included with our book study.  We hope your family enjoys this journey as much as we did.

Learn to Play the Card Game Whist

As Around the World in 80 Days begins we are introduced to the main character – Phileas Fogg.  We learn that Fogg is a quiet man and spends most of his days at the Reform Club reading the paper and playing Whist.

My children thought Whist was an interesting word and wondered if it was made up or if there really was a card game called Whist.  It only took a bit of research to find that Whist was in fact a real card game and was quite popular in the 18-19th centuries.  Our reading took a bit of detour as we decided to play a few rounds of this fast moving game.

You can find more information about Whist, including instructions for play, but visiting my post Hands-on Activity to Around the World in 80 Days at the Library Adventure.

Playing the card game Whist

Mapping Fogg’s Trip

Phileas Fogg and his traveling companions visited a number of interesting cities on their journey.  Here is an outline of their proposed schedule:

The Proposed Schedule


Mode of Transportation

Allotted Time

London to Suez rail and steamer 7 days
Suez to Bombay steamer 13 days
Bombay to Calcutta rail and elephant 3 days
Calcutta to Hong Kong steamer 13 days
Hong Kong to Yokohama steamer 6 days
Yokohama to San Francisco steamer 22 days
San Francisco to New York City rail 7 days
New York to London steamer and rail 9 days
Total 80 days

Using a printed world map your family can Map Fogg’s Trip Around the World in Eight Days, marking each city along the path.

Take Your Learning on the Road

You may not be able to set off on a trip around the world, but if you happen to visit EPCOT at the Walt Disney World in Florida you could follow Fogg’s path and Travel Around the World (Showcase) in 1 Day!

Travel Around the World Showcase in 1 Day

If you are looking for even more ideas for studying this classic story, we recommend The World Study Guide for Around the World in 80 Days from our friends at World For Learning.

Around the World in 80 Days World Study GuideThis lapbook/unit study includes:

  • Author Study
  • Timeline
  • Book Study
  • Recipes from Around the World
  • Writing assignment to create a travel brochure
  • And MORE!


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