Easy Pumpkin Crafts

This list of 25 easy pumpkin crafts is a great way to get tweens and teens excited about the season.

Nothing symbolizes fall more than a pumpkin. Whether you sit one on your porch or carve it into a jack-o’-lantern, it’s an essential part of autumn. 

This year, instead of just carving a pumpkin like everyone else, step up your game with these cute pumpkin crafts. 

When you’re finished, you can use the DIY pumpkins as fall decorations. They’re an fun way for tweens to decorate their rooms for the season.

A bunch of wooden pumpkins standing up gathered together.

We’ve put together some fun ideas that are sure to get your teenager excited about fall and eager to show off their new creations!

Easy Pumpkin Crafts That Kids Will Love

Kids love this time of year, and what better way to celebrate the season than creating some cute fall crafts? This year, give your craft time a pumpkin theme. 

Gather the family and make some of these creative and colorful projects together. 

Below, you’ll find a list of pumpkin craft ideas that are cool enough for tweens and teens. Just choose one from the list below and get started creating some fun fall pieces.

Who are These Pumpkin Crafts Appropriate For? 

While these pumpkin projects were chosen because they’re perfect for middle schoolers, many of them can be done by kids of all ages. It just depends on the difficulty of the individual project.

Most of the crafts on this list are easy to do, so the family can work on them together. Or let your older kids create some of these unique pumpkins on their own.

Woman's hands tying the top of a light blue fabric pumpkin. Beige fabric pumpkin in front.

Can I Use Real Pumpkins for These Crafts?

Most of these crafts aren’t made with real pumpkins, however, you could substitute actual pumpkins in some of the projects.

If you choose to use real pumpkins in your craft, remember that they don’t last very long and will rot if left outdoors. 

That’s why crafters use other materials when making these projects. It’s easier and they last longer.

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What materials Do I Need? 

There are all sorts of creative materials you can use to decorate your pumpkins! While each craft has its own detailed supply list, you may want to check your craft closet for these items.

Check out the list of our favorite pumpkin crafts below.

What to Do With these DIY Pumpkins

Once you finish your pumpkin craft, there are many ways to show it off. 

You could display it on your porch or in a window. Turn it into a centerpiece for the dining table or mantle.

Kids can put theirs in their room as a piece of seasonal flair. And if you’re hosting a fall or Halloween party, make some to use as decorations.

Just keep in mind the materials it’s made from. For example, you don’t want to put a 3D paper pumpkin outside where it could get ruined if it got wet.

If you have enough autumn décor, consider giving your handmade projects away. These fun pumpkin crafts make excellent gifts if you have friends or family members who would appreciate a homemade gift.  

Girl's hands painting a plastic pumpkin purple.

Additional Fall Ideas

Need more things to do with your kids this season? Check out these other fall activities.

Creating crafts with pumpkins is the perfect way to get creative and bring some seasonal cheer into your home. Plus, they’re so much fun! So, grab your supplies and get started on one of these easy pumpkin crafts. 

Before you know it, you’ll have some unique decorations to display for the fall season and fun memories of the time you spent together creating them.

DIY Pumpkin Crafts

These 25 easy-to-make pumpkin crafts are fun fall crafts for tweens and teens. They'll have no trouble finding the perfect craft, regardless of skill levels.

Once finished, they make excellent fall decorations.

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