Are you homeschooling middle school? If so, you’re in the best place possible. 

My goal is to show you how to make middle school the best years to homeschool by using creative activities and unique tools – no textbooks required.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a Pinterest-worthy, creative mom, that’s okay. I’m going to help you make your lesson plans fun and interactive through hands-on activities.

Where to begin…

My suggestion is to start with the subjects that tend to be the most boring for kids, yet are the easiest to make exciting – geography, history, life skills, and science. I believe these 4 are where you’ll see the biggest change in your homeschool.


Our kids are growing up in an ever connected world, so it’s crucial that they study the various aspects of geography. Sure, I’m talking about map skills, but also topography and cultures too. 

All of my favorite geography lessons include games, scavenger hunts, or easy project ideas, so they’re perfect for hands-on learning.

Learn how easy it can be to add some fun into your middle school geography lesson plans today!


It seems like people fall into two camps – those who love history and those who think history is boring. I didn’t want my kids to hate the subject of history, so over the years I did what I could to make this fascinating subject come to life for my kids.

Are you shaking your head, saying “is that even possible?” I can say from experience that the answer is yes. How have I made history a favorite in our house? I make our lesson plans as interactive and relevant as I possibly can.

I use notebooking unit studies, games, crafts, books, and videos to show my kids how exciting history can be.

Make a commitment to be the mom whose kids don’t hate history. Trust me, it’s easier than you think.

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Life Skills

I know that you’re a parent who loves their kids. I also know that you’d like them to be able to move out on their own when the time comes. That’s why it’s important to start teaching them the life skills they’ll need to be successful adults right now.

In middle school, my husband and I started to be intentional about working on more advanced life skills with our girls in areas like finance, communication, and cooking.

There are a multitude of things that our teens need to learn before they head out into the world, so now’s the time to add some life skills for teens to your lesson plans.


Ahh science. Such an interesting subject. It tends to be a favorite of kids because it involves projects, experiments, and messes. It tends to be frustrating for homeschooling moms because it involves projects, experiments, and messes.

I believe it’s crucial for your middle schooler to spend more time completing hands-on activities than sitting around reading from a standard science textbook. It’s simply the best way for most kids to learn science. 

Stressed about the amount of prep time it takes to complete an experiment? Choose some that are simple, that your teen can complete on their own. Worried about the mess they’ll make at your dining room table? Start with something more contained or move outside for science.

My favorite projects don’t take forever to plan and don’t destroy your kitchen. But they are fun and engaging. So it’s time to stop skipping those experiments!

Start here and use these activities to turn your home school into something both you and your teen will love.

As you keep adding more awesome projects like these, you will find joy in learning while also providing a firm foundation for high school. 

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