Fun and Engaging Science Activities for Middle School

When you hear the term science activities for middle school, does it make you groan or cheer?

In our homeschool, science has always been one of our favorite subjects. And why shouldn’t it be?

It’s full of cool hands-on experiments that give kids the chance to explore their world. It’s one of the few subjects that regularly brings concepts to life in very real, tangible ways for students.

Girl using a dropper to add liquid to test tubes that have purple liquid in them. Text on bottom reads Middle School Science Activities.

This subject is incredibly fun to teach at home. Add some of these interesting activities to your tween’s lesson plans, and you’ll see that science can be awesome.

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Science Activities for Middle School

There’s a lot of flexibility when you teach middle school science.

Since you’re not tied to state standards, like you are in high school, you’re free to study a variety of scientific topics, like chemistry, physics, life science, geology, etc.

The best part? You can make it as hands-on and fun as you want!

Use these science activities to get your tweens and teens excited about the subject.

Chemistry Activities for Middle School

Help your middle schooler understand the science behind a chemical change with these chemical reaction experiments.

One of the best known (and go-to) projects for older kids has to be the DIY volcano, so have some fun with these hands-on volcano activities.

If you are looking for how to incorporate simple science activities for kids into your homeschooling day, this tool makes it super easy.

Use this layering liquids density experiment to show your tweens how they can “see” the density of liquids.

Help your kids understand acids, bases, and how to use the pH scale by completing a few acids and bases experiments for middle school.

Grow crystals using basic household products.

Learn the elements and beat periodic table boredom with the Atomidoodle game app.

Make your chemistry lessons fun and yummy with a candy atoms lab.

Close up of layers of liquids in a large glass jar, random items floating inside the density jar experiment, Black text overlay reads Middle School Chemistry Experiments

Fun Science Experiments for Middle School

These small books are full of simple tabletop science experiments that your tween will enjoy.

Add a little “bounce” to your science by adding some silly putty activities to your lesson plans.

Have you ever made your own groovy lava lamp? If not, now’s the time to complete your own lava lamp science project.

These cool science activities are easy to work on at home.

Use these summer science experiments to keep middle schoolers busy over break.

Life Science Activities

When you’re studying botany and insects, including butterflies and the plants they need to thrive, learn even more by making a homemade butterfly habitat.

This simple tool makes studying wildflowers a breeze.

10 fun, hands-on activities you can use during your next bird study.

Ideas you can use to study birds during the winter months.

Engaging Ideas For Teaching Kids About Birds.

Use these bird projects as part of your science lessons.

Jumpstart your nature studies with 100 creative nature walks. And while you’re on your walk, start a nature journal to keep track of your discoveries.

Consider raising butterflies as a part of a broader butterfly unit study with your tween.

If you’re studying marine biology this year, make time for a trip to your local aquarium.

Meet African Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Close up of two painted lady butterflies, orange circle with brown rim on bottom left with white text inside reading Life Science Projects for Middle School

Middle School Physical Science Lessons

Use these fun activities to learn about catapult trajectory.

Have you done any lever experiments for middle school yet? I love it when kids discover that levers are everywhere, including scissors, see-saws, crowbars, and nail clippers.

If you are working on physical science in your homeschool, then you’ll want to add some of these friction projects to your lesson plans.

Orange ruler balancing on a small white pvc pipe on a table, with three pennies on top of the ruler spaced out so it balances. Orange text box on bottom of image with white and yellow text that reads Physical Science engaging experiments for tweens.

Miscellaneous Science Activities for Middle School

Geology rocks and minerals is a fascinating subject that can easily captivate kids.

Use these hands-on activities to help your tweens study weather and climate.

Use this sinkhole experiment during your earth science lessons.

Have fun building a weather station to study the conditions in your area.

Let your tween learn science with Disney Imagineering Videos.

Must-Have Resources for Middle School Science

Outstretched hand holding three pieces of grey geodes, broken open with white crystals inside. Purple rectangle at the top of the image with white text inside, reading Middle School Science Activities geology, rocks, & minerals

If you’re looking for even more resources for teaching science to tweens, I’ve got you covered. Here you’ll find curriculum we recommend, tips for making science fun, and helpful ideas for teaching science at home.

What is your favorite middle school science activity?

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