Cool Hands On Science Activities You Can Do At Home

Hands on science activities are essential parts of a well-rounded science curriculum.

Science experiments give tweens the opportunity to interact with concepts they’re learning about, in a fun and engaging manner.

Kids love testing theories and experimenting, so make sure you add some of these projects to your lesson plans. They’ll love seeing science in action.

Collage of 4 images of fun science experiments for middle schoolers. Levers, chemical reaction, color of fire, digestive track mold.

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Why you should include hands on science activities in your homeschool curriculum

There are so many reasons to add experiments to your homeschool curriculum.

Science is a subject that can be difficult to grasp from just reading a textbook. However, when students get involved and experiment with the concepts they’re studying, they usually find the material much more engaging and easier to understand. Plus, they get to practice their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate hands-on activities into your lesson plans. One option is to complete some experiments at home, which can often be done relatively easily and inexpensively. You can also check out local homeschool co-ops or classes to find one that offers lab time as part of their curriculum. Additionally, many online homeschool programs now offer science courses with accompanying labs that can be completed at home.

No matter which direction you choose, your kids will definitely benefit from the experience of completing experiments as part of their science class. By working with the concepts, they’ll gain a better understanding of the material, see how it relates to the world, all while seeing how much fun science can be.

How to Make Science Fun

The best way to learn science is to do science! This means experiments. It’s time to stop skipping the labs from your science curriculum. I know they can be messy and require some planning, but they’re essential parts of a well-rounded experience. They give kids the opportunity to get practical experience with the topics they’re studying. And it’s more fun to see science in action than just reading about it.

Tips For Adding Science Experiments to Your Homeschool Day

Here are some things to keep in mind before you get started:

  • Whether you’re focusing on the experiments included in your curriculum or you want to put aside the textbook and just have some fun with science, you need to make sure you know and understand what concept you’re trying to teach. This will help you choose a relevant activity.
  • If you don’t have any available, use the activities below. You can also do a quick search online to find some cool ideas.
  • Before you begin, make sure to have all of the necessary materials on hand. This will make sure things run smoothly and prevent any frustration.
  • Allow your tweens to take the lead. Hand them the instructions and let them experiment and explore. This will help them learn and understand the concepts. Plus, they’ll be building their independence and problem solving skills.
  • Stick around to answer questions and help troubleshoot any problems that arise.
  • Finally, have fun!

Scientific Method

Use these free printables when you work on these experiments to teach your tweens about the scientific method.

Fun Science Activities for Middle School

I’ve gathered some fun projects that will engage your tweens and get them excited about science. They’re easy to complete, use minimal materials (most you have around the house already), and will definitely liven up your science lessons.

Below, you’ll find what you need to bring a wide variety of topics to life in your homeschool, so choose one and get started.

Hands On Science Activities for Middle School

Additional Hands-on Science Resources

If you’re looking for even more projects for your homeschool, these are perfect for older kids.

Which fun science experiment are you going to do first?

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