Middle School Geography Curriculum

Here is the best middle school geography curriculum for homeschoolers. They’ll make middle school geography easier to teach and more interesting for your kids.

Understanding our world is a crucial part of a well-rounded education, and geography plays a pivotal role. It’s essential for homeschoolers to use a solid geography curriculum. One that explores the physical aspects of the Earth, as well as human geography.

Teaching geography can be challenging. It’s a broad subject with complex topics. It requires detailed materials and engaging resources. 

However, with the right curriculum, geography can be a fun subject for you to teach and tweens to learn.

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So, don’t shy away from adding this subject to your homeschool. Instead, use these programs. They’ll make it easy to explore the world with your kids.

Middle School Geography Curriculum

Wondering where to begin with middle school geography? 

Don’t! We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of homeschool curriculum you can use to teach the subject to your older kids. 

Use these to make middle school geography more fun and interesting. 

Benefits of Geography in Your Homeschool

Understanding geography provides many benefits to homeschoolers. Here are three that stand out: 

  1. First, it encourages kids to develop a global perspective. This helps them appreciate the diverse cultures and traditions around the world. This builds tolerance and empathy, essential virtues in our interconnected world. 
  2. Second, the study of geography improves spatial reasoning and map-reading skills, which can be invaluable.
  3. Finally, the study of geography introduces them to the physical features of our planet and helps them understand how they compare and contrast. 

These are just some benefits of teaching geography in your homeschool. 

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How to Choose Geography Curriculum

Choosing a geography curriculum for your homeschool involves careful consideration of several important aspects. 

  • The curriculum needs to be easy to understand. It should explain complex concepts in ways that are easy for middle schoolers to follow, and offer plenty of examples. 
  • Interactivity is key. When your lessons include interactive elements, tweens are more likely to get and stay engaged. They also help to make learning fun for kids. 
  • Any curriculum you use should be comprehensive. It needs to cover a wide range of topics and provide detailed insights into both physical and cultural geography. 
  • It’s also beneficial if the curriculum incorporates current world events and global issues into the lessons. This will help students connect their learning to the world around them.

Figure out what’s important to you in a geography program and write it down. Then, you can use the list to make sure the curriculum you choose has all the elements that matter to you. 

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Geography Resources

Here are some additional tools you can use along with your geography curriculum.

More Geography Ideas

Hands-on activities like these are some of the best ways to make geography fun for the whole family. 

Faded image of Trail Guide to World Geography curriculum.

Now that you know why it’s important to teach geography, let’s look at some curriculum packages for middle school homeschoolers.

Homeschool Geography Curriculum

Discover 12 of the best homeschool geography curriculum for middle school students. They cover both United States geography and world geography.

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