Sonlight Butterfly Unit Study

This Sonlight Butterfly Unit Study is an easy way for homeschoolers to discover the fascinating world of butterflies. It’s a simple science activity for middle school.

It’s an all-in-one product that includes just about everything you’ll need to complete a bunch of butterfly-related lesson plans and hands-on activities as a family.

Throughout this unit study, kids will learn about the different species and watch them develop from caterpillars into butterflies.

Taking the time to study butterflies will be an exciting experience your kids won’t forget!

Collage of images from a butterfly unit study. Lesson plan, books, whole kit supplies, and butterfly on mesh.

This particular unit study works well for kids in the age range of 7 – 12, especially when the entire family does it together.

Younger children can do it alongside older siblings and middle school tweens can take more responsibility and lead some parts.

I received this product for free to write about my experience and got compensated for my time. I was not required to post a positive review. These are my honest opinions. See my disclosure statement.

Sonlight Butterfly Unit Study

Discover the fascinating world of butterflies with a butterfly unit study!

Unit Studies incorporate a particular theme across several school subjects. It’s a great way to immerse your kids into a specific topic, like butterflies.

This all-in-one study makes butterflies the main subject of each lesson.

So, over the course of the 16 day program, kids will explore different parts of a butterfly life cycle in their science studies, art, and language arts lessons.

Why Study Butterflies

Butterflies are among the most mesmerizing creatures on earth, so it comes as no surprise that they’re a favorite subject to study. And there’s plenty to learn and observe!

We loved raising butterflies as part of our science lessons.

Studying these winged insects is an excellent way for kids to gain a deeper understanding of the natural world, and introduces them to the subjects of entomology, biology and ecology. 

It also teaches tweens the important role butterflies play in their environments.

Kids will have a great time observing these creatures through every phase of the life cycle. Plus, they’ll gain invaluable knowledge while building an intimate connection to nature.

Three images of butterfly life cycle. Caterpillars in a cup and monarch butterflies on a finger.

Building a Unit Study

Most homeschool parents know that building a unit study can be a lot of work. All the way from researching components to gathering materials, the process can be daunting. 

Before you even get to the teaching part, you have to spend a bunch of time making sure you have everything you need. From books, craft and lab experiment supplies, worksheets, and lectures, lots of effort goes into building a successful unit study.

That’s why I love this butterfly unit study from Sonlight. Aside from the actual butterflies, everything is included! They’ve done all the planning and gathering for you, saving you a ton of time and energy.

This great resource is the perfect solution for you, a busy homeschool mom. I definitely think you should check it out if you’re interested in new ways to study butterflies while having a ton of fun.

All you have to do is pull out the materials and get started!

Butterfly Activities and Lessons

During this unit study, kids will learn all about butterflies. Topics like anatomy, behaviors, habitat requirements, life cycle, and migration patterns.

However, this curriculum doesn’t just teach students the science of these winged creatures.

Butterfly-themed craft projects are mixed in. They include language arts lessons through the reading of living books, vocabulary, spelling, and writing. Kids get to make yummy butterfly-themed treats.

Throughout the lessons, younger students and older kids can put together a personalized butterfly lapbook.

Overall, there is a good mix between hands-on activities and more formal lessons in Sonlight’s Butterfly Unit Study.

Not sure how to keep it all straight? Don’t worry. There are four unit study schedules (study guide) included that break down each lesson and assignment.

It’s the best way to stay organized.

The book Butterflies for Kiri with three origami butterflies lying on top

Butterfly Science

As you can imagine, a large focus of this unit study is on science and nature.

Along with the life science topics I’ve shared above (like anatomy, migration, etc), kids get to do the best hands-on activity of all – raise their own caterpillars and butterflies.

They’ll get an up close view to the entire life cycle.

After you receive the caterpillars, put them in the included mesh hamper cage, and watch them eat and grow until it’s time to create a chrysalis.

Then, make sure your kids monitor the butterfly habitat, keeping an eye on the pupa, so they don’t miss seeing the metamorphosis happen as a butterfly emerges!

Note – you will need to purchase your own larvae for this project. Inside the box, you’ll find several places online.

Language Arts Lessons on Butterflies

The spine of this unit study is three butterfly books – Caterpillars and Butterflies, Velma Gratch & the Way Cool Butterfly, and Butterflies for Kiri.

Every day, kids will read specific pages and either complete an activity sheet or answer discussion questions. They’ll also study the assigned vocabulary words.

There are some writing assignments like telling the life cycle story and creating an acrostic poem.

While most of this unit study is geared toward younger kids, there are a couple of more challenging writing assignments for older students.

Collage of 3 images. Top is a butterfly unit study kit. Bottom is a girl's hand, writing an acrostic poem and making an origami butterfly.

Creative Activities

Along with the standard school subjects, there are also several hands-on activities that will let your kids be creative.

Butterfly-themed craft projects like:

And snack ideas:

  • caterpillar snack
  • bananapillars
  • leaf sandwiches

Tips for Using the Butterfly Unit Study

This butterfly unit study from Sonlight is laid out in a 4 week schedule, with activities for 4 days. You can use it as is or make some adjustments to fit this all-in-one product into your home school.

Different ways include:

  • Take a short break from your traditional homeschool curriculum for a couple of weeks (aside from math lessons) and focus your attention on butterflies.
  • If you normally follow a 4 day school week, consider using your extra day for this unit study.
  • The lessons don’t take too long, so you could work through them in the evenings or over the weekend. This would give you the chance to include any family members who aren’t around during a typical homeschool day.
  • Gather some friends and use this to learn about these beautiful insects together.
Everything included in Sonlight's butterfly unit study. Books and box of craft supplies.

Check Sonlight’s sale page to see their latest offers.

No matter how you decide to use it, I know your family will have a blast learning about butterflies.

All these things make this an interesting experience and fun activity your family won’t soon forget!

So grab the Sonlight Butterfly Unit Study today!

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