Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere Curriculum

Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere History / Bible / Literature F curriculum is an excellent choice for middle school homeschoolers. It includes history, Bible, and literature all in one program that’s written for students aged 11-14.

It offers an in-depth look at the Eastern part of the world, including its history, geography, literature, religions, and cultures.

Through writing assignments, research projects, maps, fun activities, and a number of engaging books, students get a well-rounded understanding of what makes this area so unique. 

This Sonlight curriculum package gives kids a deeper understanding of the countries and cultures in the region where two-thirds of the world lives. Through it, they’ll gain a global perspective.

It is a creative and engaging way to teach your tweens about the Eastern Hemisphere.

Girl holding Rickshaw Girl book with other Eastern Hemisphere middle grade books in a staggered stack in the background.

Your older kids will love the hands-on activities that help bring the material to life and you’ll love how flexible and easy it is to use! 

Read on to learn more about why this program from Sonlight is perfect for middle schoolers.

I received this product for free to write about my experience and got compensated for my time. I was not required to post a positive review. These are my honest opinions. See my disclosure statement.

Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere Curriculum 

Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere History / Bible / Literature (HBL) is a homeschool curriculum that includes history, Bible, and literature. Kids will learn about various countries in this region, like China, Russia, India, Japan, Korea, the Middle East. 

They’ll delve into ancient cultures and societies of these places, and learn about their religions. It’s an excellent way for students to explore the unique worldviews of the Asian, African, and Middle Eastern regions.

With this curriculum, older kids gain knowledge and insight into current world affairs and global politics. It teaches them to think critically about important and complex issues, while developing empathy for other world cultures and beliefs. 

They’ll also learn a lot about the geography of the Eastern Hemisphere.

Overall, this program will help tweens develop a better understanding of this part of the world, its people, and their history. 

To find a complete list of everything included in Sonlight’s history, Bible, and literature curriculum, check out their website.

Middle grade books from Sonlight's Eastern Hemisphere curriculum sitting on a black table.

Why Study the Eastern Hemisphere in History?

Studying the Eastern Hemisphere is important for a variety of reasons.

Learning about this part of the world is essential, as it is home to a large part of the world’s population. This region has a valuable historical and cultural legacy that spans centuries and has shaped world events. 

This program gives students the opportunity to explore different ways of life and beliefs. It also helps them develop an awareness of the geographical characteristics present in this region.

Through these lessons, students will gain an appreciation for this area’s influence throughout history. They’ll better understand the world’s cultural and religious diversity. And they’ll begin to understand why different countries have conflicting views on certain topics. 

It’s important for tweens to take time to study this rich history and culture in order to gain a more comprehensive view of our world. Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere History / Bible / Literature F is an excellent tool for accomplishing that.   

Benefits of Sonlight HBL Eastern Hemisphere Curriculum 

We’ve tried other Sonlight programs (like their Butterfly Study) and were very happy with them. This one, specifically, does an excellent job of exposing students to the nations and history of Eastern Hemisphere countries.

There are many benefits to using Sonlight’s History / Bible / Literature Eastern Hemisphere 5-day curriculum with your middle schoolers.

Here are four reasons you should use this program in your home school.

Literature Based Learning

I am a huge fan of literature based learning, especially for history. Instead of just memorizing facts and dates, students engage with the material through stories and narratives. 

This approach makes learning more interesting and helps students make connections to real-world events. 

Many moms feel that the centerpiece of Sonlight F are the great books. It includes many award-winning stories that highlight the Eastern Hemisphere countries for middle-grade readers. You can find the reading lists on their website.

This program uses over 40 excellent fiction and non-fiction books to give students a well-rounded picture of this part of the world. Kids will read powerful missionary biographies, classic literature, engaging historical fiction stories, and helpful reference texts. 

These stories will transport kids to another time and place, helping them develop a deep understanding of the people and cultures of this region. 

A Different Approach to History

Most families take a chronological approach to history. They start with ancient history and move forward in time, finishing with American history. That means, by the time you reach middle school, you’ve already covered the major eras. And teens will study it all again in high school.

While this method is useful, it can also get repetitive and boring. Middle school is the perfect time to do something different. Turn away from the Western Hemisphere and take the time to investigate some of the less-studied countries.

This curriculum from Sonlight takes a unique path, focusing on the non-western cultures and regions. This is an exciting way to look at history and also helps students see how interconnected the world is.

Two images of Sonlight's China Kit. One of the front of the box. The other with the kit open showing its contents.

Hands-On Activities Enhance Learning

Middle schoolers can often be a tough crowd to engage. That’s why I included as many hands-on history activities as possible into our homeschool.

This program incorporates projects and activities that help students connect with the material in a more tangible way. 

For example, during the school year, students can learn the art of calligraphy and origami. They can make a meal inspired by a book they’re reading.

They can also map journeys and create a timeline of events they study. And, as they learn about a country, they can construct a card for it, highlighting its important features.

My teen’s favorite thing was the beautiful calligraphy kit that came with the program.

These activities help break up the monotony of a lesson and reinforce the subjects being taught. 

Flexible and Easy to Use

Sonlight F Eastern Hemisphere is extremely flexible and easy to use. You can easily mix-and-match components to create a program that works for your tweens. 

The colorful student and teacher guides are full of interesting facts, helpful tips, and creative ideas. It breaks down the material into manageable sections, so neither you or your kids will get overwhelmed. 

While it is designed to be used over an entire year of schooling, you can adapt it to fit your family’s needs.

As an all-in-one curriculum, it comes with everything you need. Inside the box, you’ll find great literature, the Sonlight Instructor’s Guide with detailed lesson plans, maps, discussion questions, and hands-on project ideas. 

Instead of spending hours shopping and gathering everything, let them do the heavy lifting for you. Just open the box and dive right in.

And if you need to take a break or want to supplement with additional materials, that’s easy to do. 

Collage of 3 images. Girl holding Sadako book with other books stacked in background. Sadako book on table with girl holding red origami crane in hands. Girl reading book with red and blue origami cranes sitting on small table.

To see the current special offers, check out Sonlight’s Sales Page.

Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere combines a literature-based learning, hands-on activities, and an unconventional approach to history that will engage middle schoolers.

It’s an excellent option for homeschoolers looking to explore this part of the world. Especially for those looking for a Christian homeschool curriculum.

I definitely think it is worth it and encourage you to check out Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere History / Bible / Literature for yourself! 

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