Sonlight Hands-on History Kit

The Sonlight Hands-on History Kit is perfect for busy homeschooling moms. 

Inside the world cultures box, you’ll find all the materials and instructions you need to create 9 different history crafts, covering time periods from Ancient Egypt to Medieval Times to the American West.

These projects are an ideal addition to any history curriculum that will keep kids engaged and excited about learning! Everyone will appreciate putting aside the textbook to work on some hands-on activities.

Girl putting a pompom into a cup at the end of a popsicle stick catapult.

These unique projects are made for a large age range. That means that the whole family can do them together. Or let your middle schooler complete them on their own, so they can show off their completed projects.

In fact, you’ll want to grab a student kit for each child. While they can share, trust me, everyone will want to make their own so they can compare their projects side-by-side!

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your students’ history studies more interactive, this is the perfect solution!

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Sonlight Hands On History Kit

With Sonlight’s Hands-on History Box: World Cultures, history will come alive for students through unique activities and exciting projects.

Whether putting together a sailing ship as part of a lesson on explorers or building a log cabin to supplement an American History course, older kids will enjoy adding a creative element to their homeschool day.

And as a busy homeschooling mom, you’ll love the fact that this box will save you a ton of time and energy.

That’s because inside this box, you’ll find everything you need, including materials for nine individual projects and an instruction booklet that’s full of step-by-step directions and relevant education information.

It’s the perfect addition to Sonlight’s history programs or as a standalone product, hands-on supplement, for a different curriculum.

Either way, it’s a simple way to add some fun, hands-on learning to your history lesson plans, so give it a try!

Benefits of Hands-on History Projects

As you know, I’m a huge fan of making history lessons as interactive as possible. Our homeschool routine regularly included fun enrichment activities in our history lessons, like these American history activities.

In my experience, when kids actively participate in a history lesson, there are many benefits.

First, hands-on projects give kids the chance to explore topics in a way that’s not possible with textbooks. By utilizing different learning styles, they can make connections between abstract concepts and concrete objects. They’re a great way to build your students’ understanding of the topic.

Also, while working on various projects, they get the chance to build their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Plus, they allow students to be creative and have fun with their learning, which increases their engagement and keeps them focused.

These are all reasons this hands-on history project kit is such a great fit for middle schoolers. It’s an easy way to put them in the middle of history and show them how exciting it can be.

Girl's hands operating a small homemade telegraph with AA battery.

Is Sonlight’s Hands-on History Box Good for Busy Homeschoolers?

In a word, yes!

I know that as a busy homeschooling mom, it’s hard thinking of adding another element to your already full lesson plans.

But this box will save you a ton of time and energy and make it easier to teach history. Educational craft kits are an easy way to add some interactive elements to a lesson plan without taking up too much time or effort.

And even better, you don’t have to be crafty to make it work. In fact, these history kits work well for non-craftsy moms and crafty kids alike.

That’s because inside this box, you’ll find everything you need (aside from a few household items), including project supplies for nine individual activities and a 117 page instruction booklet that’s full of clearly outlined directions, supplies list, and relevant education information. Definitely saving you many trips to the craft store.

Plus, it’s set up in a way that middle schoolers can do the projects on their own, giving them much needed independent learning experience.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make history come alive for your kids, without requiring a ton of effort on your part, you need to check out the Sonlight Hands-on History Kit: World Cultures

Image of the 9 individual history projects laying on a table in front of a Hands-on History box.

Tips for Making the Most Out of The World Cultures Projects

The activities in the Sonlight Hands-on History project kits are engaging and fun for kids of all ages, but there are a few tips you can use to ensure they get the most out of each activity.

  1. Make sure your kids take the time to read the instructions carefully before starting. This will give them a good overview of the steps involved and will limit mistakes and misunderstandings down the line.
  2. Encourage them to ask questions and think critically about the project. As they’re working, ask them why they think you’re doing the specific activity and talk about how it fits into the particular period of history you’re studying.
  3. Offer guidance and support as needed, but allow tweens the space to explore their own ideas and solutions.
  4. Incorporate the projects into your overall homeschool curriculum to make learning even more inclusive. For example, the catapult would be an excellent addition to a Middle Ages study and a physics lesson on catapults and trajectory.
Collage of 3 history projects - straw weaving, battery operated telegraph, and catapult made from popsicle sticks.

Check Sonlight’s sale page to see their latest offers.

No matter how you decide to use the craft kit, I know your family will have a blast learning about history with this box. These fun hands-on projects are a great way to get kids excited about social studies.

So grab your own Sonlight Hands-on History Kit today!

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