Atomidoodle is a Fun Periodic Table Game App

One tool I’m using regularly in our science lessons is a periodic table game app. It’s one of the many science activities for middle school I’ve added to our lesson plans.

This year, I’m teaching chemistry in our science co-op, so my family is becoming very familiar with the periodic table. Our study of the elements has been interesting, but the review required to master the material can get, well, boring.

That’s one reason I was excited to be introduced to Atomidoodle, a fun chemistry game. Rote review often drives me insane, so if there’s a way for my kids to learn what they need to, without resorting to flashcards, I want to try it out.

Discover the Periodic Table with the Atomidoodle Game App Education PossibleI received this app for free and was compensated for my time, however, all opinions stated here are mine. Read our disclaimer.

Right after I downloaded the game to our iPad, my 7th grader started playing. She was immediately engaged and didn’t mind putting the time in to “study” the periodic table. The game’s interactive mazes and quick pace encouraged her to review facts on her own, giving her the chance to take more ownership of her chemistry studies. This was a huge benefit.

Beat Periodic Table Boredom

The object of the game is to get atoms the “examinator” is asking for, through the portal, around various mazes, to the examinator. When done correctly, the atoms become elements and are unlocked on the periodic table screen.

Once you “win” an element, you can then click on it, uncovering a variety of its facts, such as mass, atomic number, family, etc.

Discover the Periodic Table with the Atomidoodle Game App Education Possible

I love that the designers kept the integrity of the periodic table, creating the game so a lot of the learning happens right on that particular screen. Since I’m using the game to help my kids review the elements, working within an interactive periodic table makes it easy for them to find what they’re studying while reinforcing information they already know.

Each round gives you the chance to unlock two new elements. Constantly expanding the number of elements is a huge benefit because it forces your students to remember chemical facts they’ve already learned.

Discover the Periodic Table with the Atomidoodle Game App Education Possible

Bring your chemistry notebook to life! – Atomidoodle

Review the Elements with Puzzle Fun

So how does it work? Let’s say the examinator asks for a Hydrogen atom. If Hydrogen comes through the portal, you can lead it directly to the end of the route. However, if anything else arrives, you have to keep it moving along the maze.

Luckily, there are two tools available to help you create the atoms you need.

Fission Widget

This divides atoms in half, splitting them as evenly as possible.

Again, let’s assume the examinator is asking for a Hydrogen atom, yet a Helium atom, with the atomic number of 2, comes out of the portal. When you send it through the fission widget, it will be divided by two. So 2 (Helium’s atomic number) divided by 2 = 1, which is the atomic number of Hydrogen.

So guide your one Helium atom into the widget and two Hydrogen atoms will come out. Now you can send one to the examinator and keep the other one moving along the maze.

Fusion Widget

This combines atoms.

What if the examinator is asking you for a Helium atom, but all you have are two Hydrogen atoms? Easy. Direct the two of them into this widget to combine them, creating the Helium atom you need.

See Atomidoodle in Action with this Video

Aside from building atoms and navigating mazes, there are hundreds of chemistry facts that pop up during the game. After my daughter finished a session, I casually asked her questions about the elements and any facts that appeared while she was playing. It was a great, low-key way to reinforce the learning.

She found the game fast-paced and made her think on her feet. Plus, she got a lot of satisfaction out of unlocking the elements on her periodic table. These were all reasons she kept going back to this app. That’s a huge win in my book!

Discover the Periodic Table with the Atomidoodle Game App Education Possible

Are you…

  • studying chemistry in your home school?
  • looking for a way to make the periodic table more engaging?
  • interested in giving your teen a way to study on their own?

Then definitely consider purchasing this app.

You can find it on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Have you tried Atomidoodle? 

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