Get Outside with Creative Nature Walks

Most kids love being outside, exploring. Jumpstart your nature studies with 100 creative nature walks. Some of the fun science activities for middle school you can complete.

As a homeschooling mom, I want my kids to study the art and science of nature outdoors, surrounded by it, rather than inside, sitting at a desk. Sometimes though, it’s hard to figure out new ways to make our hikes fun and educational. I know that my girls can get bored doing the same thing over and over.

That’s why I was thrilled to find this tool that made it simple for me to plan instructive, meaningful time outside for our family.

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Cindy West’s 100+ Easy and Fun Creative Nature Walks include many different types of nature walks, and each one requires very little preparation time. In fact, they are designed for you to briefly read the directions and head out on your way.

Simple, fun, AND educational!

Nature Walks for Middle School Students

Here are a few that my older kids really enjoyed.

  • Classify It

On a recent trip to the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival, I had the girls take photos of a wide variety of items so we could classify them.

We’ve already learned about botany and animals in our science studies, so this was a wonderful way to do some review (and additional reading).

get outside with creative nature walks Education Possible

  • Dissect It

We took dissection walks often during our botany lessons. As we gained knowledge about flowers and leaves, we went out and brought back samples to open up so we could look inside.

My kids loved cutting them apart to see, up close, what they had been studying.

  • Texture Walk

This is a wonderful way to build advanced vocabulary skills.

Have your kids make a list of adjectives, describing the texture of objects found in nature. Words like fuzzy, waxy, barbed, and coarse. Take the list on your next walk and see how many examples you can find.

get outside with creative nature walks Education Possible

The 100+ nature walks not only teach your children more about the environment, but they also include unique ideas for combining your time outside with other school subjects like math, language arts, art, and science.

This 63 page eBook is only $8.95!

Get Outside with Creative Nature Walks Education Possible100+ Easy and Fun Creative Nature Walks

Make some time to get outside to explore!

What is your family’s favorite thing to do on a nature walk?


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  1. Hi Megan, two link-ups in one day, sweet!! I am including my Staycation post. I love your ideas for nature walks with your middle schoolers. We are finally having good enough weather to be outside more too. We actually saw a bunny in our front yard this morning – love it when nature comes right to our door 😉 Thanks for another great link-up.

  2. Fun ideas! We’re always looking for new ways to have fun while walking out in nature.

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