Discover the 13 Colonies Notebooking and Activity Unit

This 13 Colonies notebooking unit is a great addition to your middle school history lessons.

When we study this time period, I include as many American history activities as possible as a way to bring Colonial America to life for my older kids. I don’t want them to hate history and if all we did was read from a textbook, they would be bored to tears. That’s why I created this Notebooking & Activity Unit to help guide our early American history lesson plans.

It’s a wonderful tool that will help focus your teen, while including plenty of fun activities to keep it interesting.

Is your middle schooler studying about Colonial America? This unit study is exactly what your older student needs to use along side your early American history curriculum. Make your lessons interactive with a wide variety of activities like notebooking, a craft, a period recipe, and more. Plus, helpful resources to aid your teen's research into the 13 Colonies. We love the individual colony pages! #colonialhistory #USHistory #unitstudy #middleschool #tweens #teens #educationpossible

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Colonial America

Exploration, vast wilderness, religious freedom, and a chance for a new life ~ 13 colonies established along the eastern seaboard. This was the New World in the late 1600s to early 1700s.

Why do we set these colonies apart to study when the Americas were regularly being explored? Because these 13 colonies came together to form a new nation, The United States of America.

There is so much material that you’ll review when studying the settlement of the new world, that it can be overwhelming. That’s why I created this notebooking and activity unit.

13 Colonies Notebooking Unit

This 13 Colonies notebooking unit is a way for you to focus your study of this time period. It isn’t a stand-alone curriculum, but it does include a ton of open-ended questions that will help your tween learn a lot about Colonial America.

They can use the questions included to do research and make new discoveries.

Kids should use this helpful guide and notebooking unit to record what they’re learning in their history curriculum. It’s a great way for them keep all of their information in one place or as a tool to direct your lessons.

Since your kids are older, feel free to let them complete the guide independently.

Exploring The 13 Colonies Through Notebooking Unit Study will hopefully make your family’s life a bit easier as you learn about this period in history.

In it you will find:

  • Let’s Map – locate and label each of the original 13 colonies. Also divide the map into the 3 regions of the time
  • Colony Pages – each colony has its own separate page for you to record facts like the date it was founded, important people of the colony, what kind of colony it was, and more
  • Discussion Questions – get your middle schooler thinking critically as he answers questions like “What are some of the similarities and differences between the colonial regions?”
  • Drawing Colonial America – let your teen get creative by adding some simple art into your lessons, like drawing the clothing of the time period
  • Let’s Play – play a game that was commonly enjoyed by colonial children
  • Let’s Cook – get your teen cooking with a colonial inspired recipe
  • Let’s Create – complete this colonial inspired craft

Throughout the guide, you’ll find lots of questions for your teen to answer. They are an easy way to help your middle schooler focus her attention while learning about such a large subject.

If your middle schooler is studying Colonial America, then this 13 Colonies Notebooking and Activity Unit Study is exactly what your older student needs to use along side your American History curriculum. It will help make history more interactive with the wide variety of activities included. Things like notebooking, drawing prompts, a craft, a game, a period recipe, and more. Plus, helpful resources to aid your teen's research. #colonialhistory #USHistory #unitstudy #middleschool #tweens #teens #educationpossible

Where should you look to find the answers to the questions and learn more about the 13 colonies in general? Read your favorite living history books, watch YouTube videos, or do an online search. In the back of the guide, there’s a resource page full of books and websites you can use to teach your teen about Colonial America.

It’s my hope that by using this guide, your study of the American Colonies is easy, engaging and memorable!

I would love to know how the Exploring The 13 Colonies Through Notebooking and Unit Study works for you, so feel free to share your comments.

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Make the 13 Colonies interactive for your middle schooler with this notebooking unit.

More Activities for Studying Colonial America

Additional 13 Colonies Resources

What is your family’s favorite resource for learning about the 13 colonies?

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