The Best Christmas Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

Here are some of the best Christmas gifts for Harry Potter fans. If your teens consider themselves Potterheads, they’ll be thrilled to have these to help celebrate the season.

Below, you’ll find all kinds of fun Harry Potter themed Christmas items.

Older kids will love showing off their passion for wizardry while wearing a festive ugly sweater (or socks), setting up an iconic train around the tree, wearing their very own wizard robe, or eating the yummy chocolate frog they found in their stockings.

Any loyal fan will have even more fun celebrating Christmas this year with gifts that incorporate the season with their favorite wizards.

The holidays are almost here, so if you are still getting your holiday shopping done, you need to check out these gifts.

Harry Potter Slytherin robe and wand

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Christmas Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

Have your tweens read every Harry Potter book in existence, seen all eight movies, and watched a Very Potter Musical at least twice? How about running around the house pretending to fly on brooms or casting spells? Do your teens wear their house colors with pride and jump to defense if anyone speaks ill of their favorite characters?

If so, you are raising some very dedicated Potterheads.

Now that Christmas time has arrived, you may find yourself looking for some Hogwarts themed gifts to help fuel their magic obsession. Lucky for you, this list has just what you’re looking for.

If they can’t get enough of Harry and his friends sneaking around the castle with the help of the Marauders Map, I found a mug with a design that’ll appear as fast as you can say, “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”

Ugly sweater Christmas socks are the perfect gift to help your tweens free any of their favorite house-elves. And of course, a green and white striped scarf and hat is the ideal gift for any Slytherin with house pride.

What to Get a Harry Potter Fan for Christmas

It will be incredibly easy to do your shopping this year when you use this list. It’s full of all kinds of cool Harry Potter themed Christmas items and things that will thrill all fans to receive as gifts.

This is the year to put some fun wizardry under the Christmas tree. Trust me, your older kids will thank you.

Handmade Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas

If you prefer to give homemade gifts during the holiday, consider making one of these super cute ornaments instead of buying something. Both of them look amazing on the tree and after Christmas, your teens can hang them up in their room.

Harry Potter dining hall

What are you putting under the tree for your Harry Potter fans?

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