Civil War Activities for Middle School

These Civil War activities should definitely be a part of your American history lesson plans.

There are many ways to help children relate to the historical events they are studying. We use books, music, art, and of course hands-on activities. 

Over the years, I have found many projects and activities to help my kids learn more about the American Civil War. Adding some of them to your homeschooling lessons is a great way to get your kids engaged in the subject and to teach a challenging part of our nation’s history.

Collage of images for Civil War activities. Cannon, Lincoln Memorial, and child with Lincoln and Lee actors.

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Civil War for Kids

Lasting from 1861 to 1865, the American Civil War was a significant and complicated era in our country’s history. Our nation was divided on many issues, especially slavery, and families were torn apart as relatives fought against each other on opposite sides of the battlefields.

One could say that we’ve never quite recovered or truly come together as a nation since then.

I know this can be a challenging subject to teach, but it’s essential that you make it a priority in your homeschool. It is important for students to understand the role the events of this period played (and still play) in shaping the country we live in today.

Civil War Activities

Here are several hands-on activities and projects you can use as part of your lesson plans that will help bring this part of history to life for tweens.

I hope you’ve found some hands-on activities to add to your homeschool history lessons that will help you teach this challenging, yet important subject to your tweens. Projects like these will help tweens see how fascinating history can be.

Civil War Unit Study Ideas

If you’re looking for even more direction in teaching the Civil War, consider using one of these unit studies.

Resources for Studying the Civil War

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We have found many projects and activities to help our middle school kids to learn more about the American Civil War. We love books, music, art, and of course history hands-on activities. Project ideas for tweens/teens.

What’s your middle schooler’s favorite Civil War activity?