How to Make Cute and Easy Flower Pens

These colorful flower pens only require a few supplies, take just a few minutes to create, and are fun for kids to make.

They’re a great way to brighten your school desk or workspace. And they’re one of our favorite spring craft projects!

4 pens with flowers on the end sitting in a flowerpot filled with glass beads.

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DIY Flower Pens

Making DIY flower pens is a fun and easy way to add some personality to your writing. All you need are a few simple supplies and a few minutes of your time. These colorful pens are a perfect craft project for kids, and they make great gifts for friends and family members.

Here are 2 of our favorite flower pen craft projects.

How to Make Silk Flower Pens


How to Make Flower Pens - Supplies - Education Possible

Step 1 – Remove the top of the pen

Step 2 – Wrap tape around the pen, from the top of the pen to the bottom

Step 3 – Remove the silk flower from the stem*. Place glue around the base of the flower and insert the flower into the top of the pen

Step 4 – Add decorative rocks to a small flowerpot or vase and then add your new pens!

How to Make Easy Silk Flower Pens - Education Possible

How to Make Paper Flower Pens


We followed the basic steps in this DIY Swirly Paper Flowers tutorial.

How to Make Flower Paper Pens - Education Possible

We made just a few changes to turn this into a pen:

  • Step 5 – Rather than use paper to make the stem we used a pen and wrapped it with Washi tape/Duct tape.
  • Step 6 – We cut the length of paper in half, using just 4 inches to wrap around each stem/pen.

I LOVE these pens! Not only do they look great by adding a splash of color to our desks, they are also very practical. Because they are big and colorful, they don’t to “walk away” or get mixed up with other supplies.

Fun back to school craft, spring craft or summer craft for middle schoolers.

More DIY Crafts

  • While you have these supplies handy, your kids might want to check out how to make a duck tape flower pen.
  • Make some other projects that your tweens can use as a part of their school day, like these super quick dry erase boards.

Which flower pen are you going to make first?