Teaching Study Skills with Mr. D Math

The Mr. D Math Study Skills course is an excellent way to teach your tweens how to study effectively. They’re essential life skills for teens.

Good study skills are essential for success both in school and in life, but they don’t come naturally to most kids. They need to be taught.

This online, self-paced curriculum will give teens everything they need to master the skills they’ll need to see improved results now, through better grades, while giving them a leg up in the future.

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Teaching study skills to teens is an important part of helping them develop lifelong learning habits. It also takes the frustration out of study sessions.

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What are Study Skills?

Study skills are some of the best tools for achieving success in school and beyond.

They help students increase their understanding of the material, create good study habits, as well as build time management and organizational skills.

Study skills encompass a variety of techniques.

From organizing research materials to developing effective reading techniques and making a study plan, there are plenty of different ways to use these life skills. But they’re more than just memorization.

That’s why using a program like Mr. D Math Study Skills can be so helpful.

Study skills also include things like:

  • note-taking
  • making study guides and summaries
  • outlining
  • setting study goals and breaks
  • healthy habits
  • staying on task
  • seeking help when needed
  • knowing when certain study methods work best.

When your students incorporate these important exercises into their routine, it can make preparing for tests easier and help them see progress faster.

Whether it is breaking down big assignments into smaller tasks or taking study breaks to give yourself a refresher, study skills provide the tools needed to excel in any academic setting. 

They are life skills teens must learn.

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Why are Study Skills Important?

It’s easy for tweens and teens to get overwhelmed during the middle and high school years, but with solid study skills, they’ll build their confidence and lessen their stress levels.

Study skills can improve memory recall by teaching efficient ways to store information. They can also improve concentration levels by teaching teens better time-management techniques.

When they learn proper study skills, teens will find it easier to stay organized, make study plans that work for their individual needs, and become more effective learners.

Without them, kids might struggle to organize their coursework and find the effective way to absorb the material they’re learning. Unfortunately, this also means they could fall behind, leading to additional stress. 

Overall, tweens and teens can gain a valuable advantage by mastering these techniques early on, because they’ll serve them well for the years of school ahead.

As homeschoolers, now that we know what study skills are and why they’re important, how do we go about teaching them to our kids?

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Mr. D Math Study Skills

As you saw, the subject of study skills encompasses a wide variety of topics. It can be hard knowing exactly what to teach. How will you know you’re hitting all the important points?

That’s why I recommend having your older kids take this study skills course from Mr. D Math. It’s an excellent way to make sure you’re fully covering study skills for teens.

You may know Dennis DiNoia (Mr. D Math) from his excellent online math program. Along with his other courses, he’s put together this curriculum that teaches study skills.

During this 16 week, self-paced course, teens will learn everything they need to know about developing better study habits.

It’s designed for middle school and high school students, so it’s perfect for homeschoolers in those grades.

Each week of the course covers a different topic related to studying effectively, from goal setting to test-taking strategies.

There are videos, quizzes and guided activities to help your teens learn and retain information, as well as in-depth lessons on the subject matter.

Click over to see the study skills course syllabus.

I appreciate the fact that they don’t just rely on one teaching method to reach middle school students. There’s something for every learning style.

Between the videos, articles to read, and the papers to annotate, visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners will find different strategies that work for them.

By the end of the course, teens will gain helpful study habits they can apply immediately to any subject.

Definitely check it out!

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Course Outline

While it’s the student’s job to learn, it’s our responsibility to make sure we give them the materials they need.

Here’s the list of soft skills taught in this class.

  • Introduction to Pre-Learning
  • How to Take Effective Textbook Notes
  • How to Take Effective Notes in a Nonfiction Book
  • How to Create a Master Study Guide 
  • Introduction to Maximizing Class Time
  • How to Take Effective Lecture Notes
  • How to Process Lecture Notes
  • How to Integrate Textbook and Lecture Notes and Create a Concept Map
  • Creating Study Tools Part 1
  • Creating Study Tools Part 2
  • Memorization Tips and Tools
  • How to Maximize Study Groups
  • How to Pre-Test Yourself
  • How to Take a Test
  • How to Take a Timed Essay Test
  • Reviewing Your Test

As you can see, the topics go way beyond basic study skills. But the lessons aren’t the only reason older kids should take this course. Keep reading for other reasons to check it out.

Colorful screenshots of lessons from a study skills course.

Benefits of an Online Study Skills Course

Study skills can be challenging to teach homeschooled middle schoolers because we rarely use a lot of lectures or tests in our lesson plans. So our kids don’t organically learn study strategies or how to take detailed notes.

But it’s crucial that they learn how to study effectively because they’ll need these techniques to succeed when taking an online course before and during high school, and as college students.

A huge benefit to having your teens take this Mr. D Math Study Skills class is that it requires little work from you.

I love I can teach my kids an important skill without having to do a ton of research or prep to build a lesson plan. I know they’re getting exactly what they need to succeed.

The website is set up in a way that fosters independent learning.

Thanks to the interactive lessons, older kids can move step-by-step through the material on their own. Each lesson is locked, so there is no way for students to skip ahead or bypass quizzes.

They have to do the work in order to progress.

So while you’ll want to check in with them to make sure they’re understanding what they’re learning, it’s a good idea to let them take the lead.

All the lessons are on demand, so teens can watch whenever works for them and their study schedule. This makes it incredibly easy to fit this course into your home school plans.

Learning these essential study skills will give your tween or teen the competitive edge they need to be a successful student!

Girl sitting at computer watching an online study skills course. Woman in black shirt teaching next to a flip chart.

This study skills course is an easy way to teach them all the study techniques they need for academic success. So sign up today!

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