These Online Dance Classes are a Fun Way to Get Teens Moving

Adding some online dance classes to your older kids’ day is an enjoyable way to get them moving.

While we all know the importance of exercise, it can be challenging to fit it into an already packed schedule. But our tweens and teens benefit greatly when they make physical activity a habit.

Luckily, programs like make it easy for kids to be active without even leaving home. Talk about convenient!

Teen girl dancing along with a video on TV.

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Online Dance Classes for Kids is an online dance platform, created by Courtney, a homeschooling mom of three who wanted to share her love of dance with busy families. Her goal was to create a wholesome environment for kids to build their confidence and self-esteem through dance.

With a subscription to, families can learn a variety of dance styles, including:

  • ballet
  • jazz
  • contemporary
  • hip hop
  • clogging

Whether your children are beginners or advanced students, there’s plenty of professional-quality material to keep them engaged.

My oldest and I spent a lot of time going through the website and we each had fun dancing along to the music with the instructors. We learned quite a bit and even mastered a few dance steps that had eluded us before.

It was an easy way to get in some extra activity during the day. In fact, we had so much fun dancing that it hardly felt like exercise.

Two screenshots of an online dance program showing some of the different classes they offer.

Dance for Beginners

To help students improve their skills, they can choose from three different types of videos on the website.

  • traditional lessons
  • follow alongs
  • choreography classes

In the traditional lessons section, kids can work their way through several exercises to learn the exact steps that make up each dance style. Because the lessons are on-demand, they can re-watch the class as many times as they need to before moving on. The practice center and section quizzes will help them learn at their own pace.

After they finish learning the steps, kids can choose a follow along video for the style of dance they’ve been learning. In it, they’ll follow along with a professional dance instructor as they put the steps together into longer combinations.

Kids will really feel like a dancer when they take some of the choreography classes. These are lengthier classes where, after a warmup, dance instructors teach a specific piece of choreography set to popular music. Teens will learn the steps and then practice the routine along with the teacher.

Older kids will appreciate the progression of the program. Instead of just following along to a music video or video game, they’ll actually learn the proper steps and techniques for a dance style.

Personally, I never felt lost during these dance classes. The instructors do an amazing job of explaining the various moves.

Two images - a man and a woman teaching dance moves in front of a studio mirror.

Adding Dance to your Homeschool

Here are 3 reasons I think a is perfect for homeschool tweens and teens and why you should add it to your lesson plans.

1. It’s Flexible

As kids get older, their schedules get busier. Some days it can be challenging to get school finished, let alone find time for a formal activity, like dance.

Kids can log onto the website whenever they want to because all the classes are pre-recorded. There’s no set day or time that you have to follow. After you subscribe to, you’ll have instant access to all the material.

That means your family can work it into your schedule, instead of having to rearrange your days to fit in hour long dance classes.

Whether your tweens are early risers or night owls, they can easily enjoy a variety of dance classes when it’s convenient for them, all from the comfort of home.

Not having to adhere to someone else’s schedule is a HUGE win in my book!

2. It Fosters Independence

By the time kids reach middle school, it’s important that they take some responsibility for themselves and their education. This is a wonderful place to begin.

The website is extremely simple to navigate, so tweens can easily get the lessons up and running themselves. The team at has worked hard to make it safe for kids to use.

Videos run from 2 to 20 minutes, so there’s no reason your teens can’t run through a quick dance routine, even during a busy homeschool day.

And because professional instructors teach the lessons, this is an activity you can add to your homeschool that you won’t have to plan or teach. Older kids can do the lessons on their own from start to finish. They gain independence and you get a much needed break. Win-win!

3. It’s a Fun Way to Get Them Moving

I love how this program breaks the stereotype that dance classes are for serious study, take place in a studio, and run an hour.

Not every kid wants to be a professional dancer, but many love to dance. It’s important that we teach our children the benefits of moving our bodies every day and to help them find something that brings them joy.

With this program, they can learn a handful of contemporary dance moves one day and learn a choreographed hip hop routine the next. It’s completely up to them. Kids can even challenge each other to a dance off to show how much they’ve learned.

As your older kids spend time dancing, they’ll see how fun exercise can be. My daughter and I certainly did!

Check it Out for Free

See for yourself if this is a good fit for your tweens by signing up for a free trial.

Then, if you love it as much as we do, you can continue on for just $25 a month or $180 a year, which is amazing for the amount of professional material you have access to. This is significantly less than the cost of traditional dance classes, especially when you factor in costumes and recitals, as well as travel to and from the studio.

For a limited time, is hosting a giveaway for a membership. One lucky reader will win lifetime access to their online dance classes.

I would love for you to win, so follow the instructions below to enter.

I hope you have fun adding some dance into your life!

Teen girl dancing in front of a computer hooked up to a TV.
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