Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt


This winter, turn your nature walk into an exciting adventure with a fun photo scavenger hunt. It’s the perfect winter-themed activity for tweens, teens, and families. Just download the printable, grab your camera, and head out!


Photo scavenger hunts are the perfect way to get your older kids outside during the colder months. This one is all about winter.

When you need to get everyone up and moving, just print this off and head outside. It’s a great addition to a long winter day, a way to beat boredom during a school break, or if the kids need a brain break from their homeschool lessons.

Scavenger hunts are an excellent way to get your family outdoors when it’s cold outside. Use it as a response to the dreaded, “I’m bored” statement from teens when they’ve been stuck inside for too long.

You’ll find most of the 30 items outside, but a few will be inside.

It’s perfect for tweens, teens, adults, and families. It’s an instant download, so it’s incredibly easy to get started. Perfect for a last-minute activity.

Snowy background, 3 printable pages for a winter photo scavenger hunt

Where to use this scavenger hunt:

  • On a hike
  • At a park
  • Around your neighborhood

Inside you’ll find:

  • 1 photo scavenger hunt page that includes 30 unique clues in a pdf – Size 8.5 x 11” (1 per sheet)
  • An instruction sheet

How to play:

  1. Choose whether to play in teams/pairs or as individuals. Print a copy of the scavenger hunt for each player/team. Each group will also need a phone/camera and a pen.
  2. Set a time limit or play until everyone finishes.
  3. Players should head outside to start hunting for items on the scavenger hunt list. Each one is worth 1 point.
  4. When you find something from the list, take a photo and check it off. Keep going until the game ends.
  5. At the end of the hunt, share your photos with everyone. If there’s a question about whether you can count something, it’s up to the players to decide.
  6. Add up your score and write it on the total points line. Remember, each clue is 1 point. Whoever has the highest score, wins.

After purchasing, download the scavenger hunt, print it off, grab a phone or camera, and start searching.

This photo scavenger hunt is a fun winter activity that everyone can enjoy.


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