A Simple & Unique Painting Technique your Teen will Love

Your teens will love this unique painting technique.

A few months ago, we met a woman who was painting beautiful note cards. They were stunning and looked like they took hours to complete.

After talking to her, we discovered that the design on the cards was a rubber stamp and the paint was actually the juice from frozen blueberries. We were shocked!

Our family loves to make handmade cards, so we thought we’d give this technique a try.

Notecard with purple painted flower over purple rectangle going across bottom of card.

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DIY Blueberry Painted Note Cards


Here are a couple of different card styles you can try.

  • Stamp and paint directly onto cardstock. Keep an eye on the back, making sure the wetness doesn’t seep through too much.
  • Stamp and paint on a piece of watercolor paper. Once it’s dry, cut out the picture and use a small foam adhesive to attach to the front of the note card.
  • Instead of attaching the flower onto the cardstock like the previous design, first cut out a piece of colored cardstock and tape it to the note card. Then affix the flower.
A Simple & Unique Painting Technique your Teen will Love @Education Possible

You can use this technique to create some other great items, like gift tags and bookmarks. It also makes an excellent painting medium for your nature journal.

Simple, yet beautiful!

Create some art with us this summer!

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