Teens will Love these 5 Fabulous Books & Simple Activities

For quite a few years, our families have been a part of a book club together. It’s been a wonderful way to introduce our kids to a wide variety of books. They’ve read classics, Newberry Award winners, popular titles, and more.

Each family reads the assigned book on their own and then we come together twice a month to discuss what we learned and complete activities related to the book.

It’s one of our kids’ favorite parts of school!

Teens will Love these 5 Fabulous Books & Simple Activities @Education Possible

Here are a variety of our favorite books from our book club, along with activities and discussion questions you can use with your middle & high school students.

5 Days of Teen Book Club

Day 1: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Day 2: The Giver

Day 3: The Red Badge of Courage

Day 4: The Indian in the Cupboard

Day 5: Alice in Wonderland

Hopefully, these 5 days will give you an idea of how amazing a teen book club can be in your homeschool and will encourage you to start your own.

This series is a part of the iHN 5 Day Hopscotch. Check out all of the other great topics being shared.


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