Time Travelers History Study Series Review

There is absolutely NO reason for the study of history to be dull and boring!

History is our family’s favorite subject to study together.  We always look for books, projects and activities to help us bring the stories and events of the past to life.  One of our favorite resources for hands-on history ideas is the Time Travelers History Study Series by Home School in the Woods.

Time Travelers History Study  Series Review EducationPossible.com

When we began our study of American history I searched for unit study/lapbook type options to incorporate into our lessons.  I knew those would be a great fit for my boys’ learning styles.  A friend told us about the Time Travelers Series and we were so glad she did!  It was a great for both me, as the teacher, and my history loving children.

Each guide in the Time Travelers Series is a complete unit study, and includes:

  • short fact-filled text to introduce the lesson
  • lists of additional resources to enhance learning with books and videos
  • Lap Book pieces with creative writing activities
  • activities including games, recipes, maps, timelines, and more!

Time Travelers History Study Review

Although my children love to build and create things as part of their lessons, I’m not really the most creative person…

I’m more of the “find a great idea and follow the directions” type of homeschool mom.

The Time Travelers Series has made my life much easier because each guide includes project ideas using materials we have at home and very straightforward instructions.


Time Travelers History Series Review Lapbook

One of the first Time Travelers History Study guides we ever used was “The American Revolution”.

Here are some of the very creative project ideas included in this guide:

  • File folder game called “Battle Blitz”
  • Create a floorcloth
  • Shadow-puppet play
  • Candle dipping
  • Minute Man pop-up card
  • Make a haversack
  • “Taxation Frustration” game
  • Writing secret messages
  • Franklin experiments
  • Jamestown replica

Since we had just returned from a trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg, VA we were excited to build the Jamestown Replica.  The Jamestown Replica is a paper craft project with a very basic supply list – we just needed to print the masters on cardstock, color and cut the pieces, and then glue them together.

Time Travelers History Study Jamestown

As our Jamestown Replica began to take shape it became obvious this was not your run of the mill cut & paste project!  The level of detail in each piece was amazing.  A keen attention to details is something I deeply appreciate about Amy Pak’s work because she personally illustrates all of the figures and images in her materials.  Her artistic style is timeless and her work is beautiful.  Not only will your children learn a great deal using the Time Travelers series, they will also create a keepsake that will last for years.

Note – anytime a homeschool mom asks me to show them a sample Lab Book or Unit Study I pull our our completed materials for our Time Travelers Studies and you should see their eyes light up!  The completed materials are bright and colorful, professional looking and very well organized.

Time Travelers History Series Revolution Jamestown Replica

Now it’s your turn to get your hands on these materials and build your own Jamestown Replica!

Simply visit the Time Travelers History Studies  section of the Home School in the Woods website.  Here you will find samples from the entire product line, including the Jamestown Replica from the American Revolution guide!

Time Travelers History Series Supplies

Download the directions today and then gather your family around the table to color, cut and glue together.

Have fun and be sure to leave a comment and tell us about your building project!


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