4th of July Activities

These fun 4th of July Activities for families will help you make the most of the holiday.

While most celebrations include watching Fourth of July parades, listening to favorite patriotic songs, and firework displays, there’s lots more you can do to celebrate the summer holiday. 

Gather your kids and create some fun memories on this Independence Day with these family-friendly activities.

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Whether you join in your town’s festivities or plan your own celebration, the main idea is to show off your patriotic spirit and have fun together.

If you’re looking for something that takes a few minutes or something that lasts all day, these 4th of July ideas are sure to provide you with lots of entertainment.

What Do Families Usually Do on July 4th?

The majority of families celebrate the Independence Day by having a cookout with friends and family, followed by watching a fireworks display together.

Other popular activities include watching a local Independence Day parade, going to the beach, watching a baseball game, or visiting a historical site or national monument.

Some head to a park for a picnic or listen to live music at free concerts filled with patriotic music.

There are definitely enough activities to keep the whole family entertained over a long weekend.

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Tips for Having Fun with Tweens on Independence Day

While some older kids may be perfectly happy spending the day with the family, others may need some encouragement.

Here are some tips for making sure your tweens and teens have fun on the 4th of July.

  • Involve them in the planning process: Tweens are old enough to have a say in how you’ll spend the day. Let them help with things like choosing recipes, decorations, and what activities you’ll do. Give them freedom to come up with their own fun ideas. 
  • Give them tasks to do: Make sure tweens are given meaningful jobs during family outings, such as setting up the picnic area, taking photos, or helping to barbeque. 
  • Let them invite their friends over: Let your tweens and teens invite some of their friends over for part of the day or plan a larger get together with friends and neighbors.
  • Make sure they have their own space: Give your tweens a bit of time to chill by themselves. Let them go off and explore the area or just relax in a corner with their friends. 

Just keep your older kids in mind when you’re planning and they’re sure to stay engaged and excited. 

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Fun 4th of July Family Activities

There are tons of fun things for families to do to celebrate America’s birthday.

There’s always the popular stuff like the local parade, eating hot dogs at a backyard barbecue, and 4th of July fireworks.

Then there are fun summer activities to choose from too.

But there’s so much more that can be done. 

It’s a good idea to have a plan for the day, with a mix of festivities. Here are some great 4th of July activities you can use to plan an awesome family-friendly event. 

There’s also a free 4th of July Bucket List below that you can print off and use to help plan your holiday. So keep reading to grab yours!

Patriotic Games

Have fun playing some patriotic outdoor games together.

  • Have a scavenger hunt. Give kids a list of items that represent American and have them run around the house and yard trying to find as many as they can. 
  • See who can answer the most questions about America with a game of patriotic trivia or Liberty Bell Timeline Scavenger Hunt.  
  • Play flag ring toss. Stick an American flag in the ground and try to ring it with a glow stick necklace.
  • Play a patriotic themed version of Pictionary. Give teams clues like the Statue of Liberty or The Liberty Bell to draw and see who can guess it first.
  • Kids of all ages will love having a water balloon toss or water balloon fight.

Independence Day Crafts

Crafts are a great way to get older kids involved in the celebration.

  • Turn wooden clothespins into red, white, and blue stars. Hang the patriotic clothespin stars around the house or in your own backyard.  
  • Decorate mason jars with stars and stripes. Kids can use acrylic paint or colorful duct tape to cover the jars. 
  • Encourage everyone to make their own American inspired t-shirt or decorate a tote bag with patriotic symbols. They can use fabric paint or markers or patriotic tie dye (red and blue paint).
  • Make a patriotic wreath out of painted clothespins, construction paper, or scraps of fabric.

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Family Competition

Turn up the excitement this July 4th with a bit of friendly competition. Tweens would have a blast going up against the adults.  

  • Use these flag patterned sacks for an old-fashioned sack race.
  • Organize an Independence Day relay race. Come up with unique tasks like running with a spoonful of blueberries without spilling them or singing a patriotic song, like the Star-Spangled Banner, while hopping on one foot.
  • See who can put together the most creative outfit that celebrates the colors of the United States. 
  • Have an ice cream eating contest. Whoever eats theirs, without using their hands, wins. This is a fun activity for a hot summer day.
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By the time the fireworks show begins, you’ll all have had an enjoyable day full of memorable activities that will make your Fourth of July celebration unforgettable. 

Make sure to download our free printable 4th of July Bucket List, so you can make the most out of your Fourth of July weekend.

The best part is you can download it immediately and get started planning right away! It’s right below.

4th of July Bucket List

There are even more ideas on this free 4th of July Bucket List. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect fun Fourth of July activity for your family. Grab yours now!

July Fourth is the perfect time for families to get together, have fun, and make memories.

With these fun family activities, you’ll have no trouble putting together amazing Independence Day celebrations that everyone will enjoy. 

What are your go-to July 4th activities?

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