California Gold Rush Notebooking Unit for Middle School

Your tweens are going to love this California Gold Rush activity. It should definitely be one of the American history activities in your homeschool.

In 1848, gold was first discovered in California. Then, in 1849, our country saw the largest mass migration it has ever seen. The men who left everything behind were risk takers and adventure seekers. They wanted their share of the riches coming from the earth.

Gold fever was spreading!

Make the California Gold Rush interactive for your middle schooler with this notebooking unit.

I’ve written this California Gold Rush Notebooking and Activity Unit for you and your teen to use while studying the California Gold Rush. It’s not only a great resource to guide your lesson planning, but it’s also an excellent way to keep track of everything you discover.

Consider letting your teen go through these pages on their own. They can do the research and share what they learn with you.

What’s inside?

  • Mapping the Gold Rush
  • Research Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • Financials of Gold Mining
  • Writing Prompts
  • Drawing the Gold Rush
  • Let’s Cook
  • Let’s Play

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California Gold Rush Notebooking Unit for Teens - FREE @Education Possible

I would love to know how this works for you, so please share your comments with me.

What is your family’s favorite resource for learning about the California Gold Rush?

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