The Best Fast Paced Card Games for Teens

If you and your older kids are looking for some fun games to play together, check out these fast-paced card games for teens.

In general, card games take less time to play than standard board games for teenagers, so if you need something quick, these are the perfect choice.

That’s not the only thing that makes these games special, though. Each one of them is quick, meaning they take less than 30 minutes to play, but the gameplay is also fast-paced, which will definitely keep your tweens on their toes.

Collage of three card games set up and in the middle of gameplay. Loot on the left. Slamwich is top right, Dutch Blitz is bottom right. Big purple rectangle with white text is above the images.

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Quick Moving Card Games for Teens

When your older kids want to play a crazy, quick-thinking game, pull out one of these card games. They’re perfect for things like family game nights, as an easy summer activity for tweens, or on family road trips.

In order to win any of them, tweens will need to make snap decisions and make moves before everyone else.

Some of them have players take turns, but most of them are just a free for all. Everyone plays at the same time, often trying to be the first one to get rid of their cards.

Game night can get pretty crazy with these games. Your pulse will race as you’re scrambling, trying to find matches to cards or attempting to place one of your cards before your competitors do.

The fact that players are all going as fast as they can with no one taking turns makes for some feisty, but friendly, competition. I can usually judge how much people are enjoying a game based on the noise level. These games get loud.

Between the constant laughter, shouts when players miss moves, and general game chatter, there’s never a dull moment when playing these 10 card games.

Benefits of Card Games

There are many benefits to playing card games.

  • They often take less time to play than most board games, so they’re easy to pick up when you need a break.
  • They’re inexpensive. Some are played with a standard deck of cards and those games that require their own cards are often less than $10. When you’re trying to stock your game closet, this is an enormous benefit.
  • Card games travel well. If you’re like us, you love to play games while you’re on vacation. But filling your car or suitcase with big, bulky board games isn’t always practical. But you can easily slip a few card games into your luggage.
  • They tend to be simple games that are easy for new players to learn. When you don’t have to spend 20 minutes teaching everyone how to play, you’re able to spend more time playing.
  • They make excellent presents. Their low price point makes it easy for teens to give as gifts and perfect for stocking stuffers at Christmas.

Fun Card Games for Tweens

I know there are many card games out there for tweens and teens. I’m highlighting these 10 card games because they’re the ones that my older kids play regularly.

Loot and Slamwich have been in our family’s game rotation for years. Sushi Go! has been getting a lot of play around here lately thanks to its fun concept and cute cards. And I’ve lost count at the number of people my kids have introduced to Dutch Blitz, one of our absolute favorites.

When they’re hanging out with their friends or want to play a game together, my kids inevitably pull out one of the games listed below. They love the fast-paced nature of them and the fact that everyone’s engaged and immensely animated.

My daughter loves telling us stories of her late-night rounds of extreme spoons that she plays while away at coin camp. And my friends and I spent hours playing Spit (also known as Slam) when we were teens, a game that’s still wildly popular today. So much hand slapping and screaming!

These card games are just a ton of fun.

Gamewright SlamwichAQUARIUS Harry Potter Playing Cards - HP Themed Deck of Cards for Your Favorite Card Games - Officially Licensed Harry Potter Merchandise & Collectibles - Poker Size with Linen FinishDutch BlitzGamewright Loot Deluxe Tin - The Plundering Pirate Card Game Card GameSushi Go! - The Pick and Pass Card GameMattel Games Blink Card Game The World's Fastest GameSET: The Family Game of Visual PerceptionAquarius Bob Ross Quotes Multi Image Playing Cards Deck,Multicolor,3


The Best Fast Paced Card Games for Teens

Get ready for some wild rounds when playing these card games.

More Board Games for Teens with Quick Gameplay

Loot card game set up and in the middle of play. Blue rectangle with white text above the image.

It’s time to pull out the card games and have a fun, frenzied good time with your tweens and teens.

What’s your teen’s favorite Fast Paced card game to play?

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