Summer Activities for Tweens

These summer activities for tweens and teens will help make the long days of summer fun and exciting for both you and your kids.

Older and younger kids regularly talk about how much they can’t wait for summer. But by the second week, they’re often bored and don’t know how to fill their days. 

That’s why it’s important to have some ideas ready for when they’re needed. Planning ahead is key for keeping kids happy during summer vacation. 

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I’m not saying you should fill their calendar so full that they don’t have any downtime. Just like us, they need time to rest and recharge from their busy school year.

But you also don’t want them to spend so much time on their screens that they miss everything else. The goal is somewhere between them lying around all day and running constantly.

Don’t forget that summer is also a great opportunity to spend time together as a family.

Use this list of 50 fun summer activities to sprinkle some excitement in to your family’s summer schedule. 

Summer Planning with Tweens and Teens

There are plenty of ways to keep your kids busy and engaged during their vacation, but you’ll want a plan.

Because, let’s be honest, if you leave them to figure everything out for themselves, they’ll most likely spend their days in front of a screen or constantly saying, “I’m bored.”

However, it’s crucial that you let your tweens and teens be involved in the planning. You know that if you just hand kids this age a set schedule of activities, they won’t be happy. 

Older kids want to feel like they have some control over how they spend their vacation and that their opinion matters.

So, walk through this list together (or better yet, download the free pdf) and choose activities that sound fun to them. Just make sure they’re workable for your whole family. 

Use the list as your whole planning tool or as a jumping off point for their creative ideas. Along with all the fun things they love to do, encourage them to try some new things.  

Once you know what they want to do over the break, you can schedule some into your calendar and leave others to be picked up when they need to fill a summer afternoon.

With this list, you’ll have no trouble planning out a summer bucket list everyone will be excited about.

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Summer Activities for Tweens

These 50 fun activities are a great way for middle schoolers and families to spend the summer months. There’s plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to choose from!

  1. Build a giant slip and slide on a hot summer day
  2. Have a Nerf gun battle
  3. Make a marshmallow launcher
  4. Play outdoor games like badminton or bocce ball
  5. Learn a new sport
  6. Go on a hike 
  7. Build a fort (inside or outside) – you’ve got an old sheet or two, right?
  8. Go on a photo scavenger hunt
  9. Have a water balloon fight or a water fight
  10. Go to the beach, pool, or lake on a hot day
  11. Complete a cool science experiment
  12. Do a summer puzzle
  13. Make ice cream
  14. Build a fire and make s’mores
  15. Have a movie marathon
  16. Go camping at a state park or one of the national parks if you’re able
  17. Volunteer together
  18. Learn how to bake – it’s a yummy way to learn new life skills
  19. Raise butterflies
  20. Make a quick art project
  21. Relax in a hammock
  22. Play flashlight tag
  23. Read under a tree (then climb it!)
  24. Go to a water park or theme park
  25. Go bowling
  26. Try birdwatching
  27. Cook a new recipe
  28. Build an obstacle course in your own backyard
  29. Read a book together as a family – this is a fun way for you to share your favorite books
  30. Take an online class
  31. Learn a new language
  32. Go to a museum
  33. Collect supplies for your local animal shelter
  34. Watch a movie outside – what a cool family movie night!
  35. Play frisbee golf
  36. Make a craft – here are some summer crafts tweens will love
  37. Play video games
  38. Go to a baseball game
  39. Have a Just Dance battle
  40. Be a tourist for a day in your hometown
  41. Plan a theme night with neighbors
  42. Go on a bike ride
  43. Play a card game or one of your favorite board games
  44. Ride go karts
  45. Plant a Garden
  46. Play mini golf
  47. Go stargazing
  48. Play Summer Pictionary
  49. Build an ice cream sundae bar
  50. Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Don’t forget to download your pdf and use the activities to make sure your tweens and teens have a great time during their summer break. These boredom busters will help your middle schoolers plan a summer to remember!

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