Top Strategy Board Games for Teens

These strategy board games for teens are fun, yet challenging and make excellent game choices for older kids.

There are all kinds of board games on the market, and it’s important to fill your closet with a wide variety of styles. That way, no matter what type of game you’re in the mood to play, you have one to pull out.

One of our favorite genres is strategy. This differs from most of the well-known games because it relies on a player’s decision-making skills rather than luck. While there is some chance involved in all games, these are won primarily through strategy.

Here are some of our favorite games for older kids that focus heavily on strategic thinking.

Close up of Catan Settlers of America game board with a game in progress.

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Strategy Board Games for Teens

Because strategy games rely on decision making and flexibility, they can often be quite complex in their rules and game play. I’ve tried to choose ones that have a shorter learning curve, so you can get started playing as quickly as possible.

Many of these games are thought of as strategy gateway games, meaning they’re a bit easier to pick up. Playing one of these together is a great way to introduce your kids to this style of game. Then, as their interest in the genre grows and they get better at strategizing, you can move on to more complex titles.

How to Choose a Game

So, you’re ready to play a game and you want to choose something that requires more thought than luck. What now? How do you know which board game to choose?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind as you make your decision. Do you want to play as an individual, making your own decisions or cooperatively, where everyone works together to succeed?

You’ll also need to think about the style of game you’d like to play.

A few of them include:

  • tile laying – players lay down individual tiles during their turn, creating the actual game board as they go
  • war and military – competitors attempt to overthrow each other and control land with their army and brilliant military strategy
  • resource management – also known as Euro-style games and while playing, everyone battles over limited resources, trying to gather the most in order to build up their own empire

I love playing strategy board games with my kids. They’re a ton of fun and different every time we play. This makes their replay factor quite high, a valuable factor in a game.

Plus, they’re an engaging way to work on valuable life skills like flexibility, problem solving, and communication.

Best Strategic Thinking Games for Teens and Adults

If you’re wanting to play a game where your chances of winning depend heavily on your decision-making skills, here are some of our favorites.

Not only will your tweens and teens enjoy them, adults will also find them interesting and challenging. You can easily add them to your next family game night or as a fun summer activity for tweens and families.

As you can see, there are all kinds of great strategy games available that tweens and teens will enjoy playing. Hopefully, you’re inspired to add some to your game closet.

It’s time to see who can out strategize everyone else.

Other Fun Board Games

Most games include some level of strategy, so even if you don’t want to play a strategy-based game, teens will still get to work on their decision-making skills with these titles.

  • These 6 are perfect for your next family game night. Risk is one of them and a classic strategy game for older kids and adults.
  • Number rings takes some thought as you try to decide which rings to cover during your turn.

Which one of these strategy games will you play first?

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