5 Fun Board Games for Tweens

Did you know that there are a ton of fun board games for tweens available? The best board games for teenagers bring loved ones together for fun, laughter, and some friendly competition.

If you haven’t added a new game to your game closet in a while, now’s the time. From time-tested classics, to brand new titles, there are more awesome board games to choose from than ever before.

To make it easy for you, I’m sharing 5 of my family’s favorites that I know you and your middle schooler will enjoy.

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Fun Board Games for Tweens and Teens

Blokus 2-4 players, 5+

We received this game one Christmas and always have fun when we play.

  • In Blokus, everyone is given various shaped pieces in a specific color. The object is to get rid of as many of them as you can by finding spaces for them on the board by the end of the game.
  • Players can lay down pieces as long as they are touching the corner of one already on the board.
  • It sounds simple, but the board fills up quickly. I don’t think any of us have ever gotten rid of all of our pieces.
  • Strategy is key in this game because it’s not uncommon for a player to make a move that essentially knocks out a section of the board.

Headbanz Act Up 2-6 players, 8+

This game has us roaring with laughter every time we play it.

  • Place the headband around your head.
  • Each player gets a random card listing a “person,” “place,” or “thing” and they put it the slot on their headband.
  • During your turn, another player acts out what’s on your forehead while you try to guess who or what you are.
  • Some of the movements people come up with are hilarious. There are quite a few that have become part of our inside family jokes.
  • We also love playing the Disney version of this game.

Labyrinth 1-4 players, 8+

We’ve played this game for years. It’s definitely a family favorite!

  • Labyrinth is a maze game that changes every time you play because most of the tiles are randomly placed as you start.
  • Players are given 7 cards that each have a “treasure” on them that corresponds to a tile on the board. The goal is to move through the maze, successfully reaching each of the card’s items. However, players can only look at their top card, so they don’t know what treasures they’re seeking until they reach the one before it.
  • At the start of each turn, you push an extra tile into the maze, pushing an opposite one off the board, essentially changing the labyrinth.
  • After moving the tiles, players travel through the labyrinth as far as they can each turn, heading toward the treasure found on their card. The first person to reach all 7 items from their cards, wins.
  • During the game players constantly have to shift strategies to reach the treasures because the labyrinth changes every turn.

Sequence 2 or more players, 7+

This is another game that we have owned for years. My husband and I used to play it together and now we’ve taught it to the girls.

  • The Sequence board contains squares representing two decks of cards.
  • During a player’s turn, they choose one card and put a chip on the corresponding space.
  • The object is to get a sequence of five in a row. It sounds easy, but with so many chips on the board, it’s hard to keep track of who is close to a sequence, even yourself.
  • Along with the numbered cards, there are also special cards that allow you to remove an opponent’s chip. This will force them to change their game plan and might open up a sequence for you.
  • When playing this game you need to plan and think a couple of moves ahead. It involves a lot of strategy and takes a lot of concentration.

Sorry 2-4 players, 6+

My tweens love to play this game. They both choose it often when it’s their turn to pick a game.

  • This classic game is the same as it was back when you were young. The goal is still to be the first one to get your 4 pawns safely around the board and up into home.
  • Players move their game pieces around the board based on the number on the cards they draw.
  • While it seems pretty straightforward, moving around the board isn’t always a simple task because players have opportunities to send each other’s pawns back to start. So you never know when you’ll be just spaces away from the safety of home and have to move all the way back to start.
  • Frequently, when we play, someone is poised to win when their pawns are sent back to start thanks to “Sorry” cards and another person comes from behind to win.

I hope this list has inspired you to grab one of these fun board games for tweens to play together as a family. I know everyone will enjoy playing them.

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Don’t forget that games aren’t just for occasional fun. I buy them regularly to give as birthday gifts, for Christmas presents, or just to try something new. I even use geography games for middle school in our homeschool.

What board games do your middle schoolers like to play?

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  1. My kids are finally old enough to be able to play family games together – what a great idea to gift a “family game night” kit for Christmas!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ashley! I was so excited when my kids were finally old enough to play board games. I’ve always loved playing games. As they’ve gotten older it’s been fun to see our games change and grow too. I’m glad you liked the idea. I hope you find some games under your tree this year!

  2. Thanks for linking up at Anything Goes! We don’t have any of these games, I’ve been eyeing headbanz for awhile now though. 🙂 I pinned each post you shared also.

    1. Mine love Headbanz so much! Now the kids want the Disney version. Thank you for pinning our posts. I’m looking forward to looking through all of the great ideas that were shared.

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