Fun and Effective Geography Games for Middle School

Beat boredom by adding some of these fun geography games for middle school to your tween’s geography lesson plans.

As you know, students of all ages benefit by adding hands-on activities to their homeschool lessons. During the middle school years, kids also enjoy exploring fun facts and board games are a fun and effective tool to aid in this type of learning.

It can be challenging to fit geography into your regular lesson plans. Kids love to play board games, so why not combine the two?

Close up of various world flags on small wooden blocks sitting on a blue map.

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Next time you want to add geography into your day, grab one of these games instead of your textbook. They’re a simple and effective way to improve your tween’s geography skills.

Geography Games for Middle School

There is a ton of information students are trying to remember as they’re studying geography, such as locations, flags, capitals, famous landmarks, population, cultural etiquette, and more.

Luckily, teaching all of this material doesn’t have to be long and complicated. In fact, you can do a lot through fun geography activities, like games.

Whether you’re looking for a way to supplement your geography curriculum or want to ditch the textbooks, there are a bunch of excellent board games available that will help you show your kids various aspects of geography.

Keep reading for some of the best geography board games for middle schoolers.

How can I make my geography class fun?

As our world continues to become more connected, geography is a subject that our kids must learn in order to be good global citizens. And mastering the various facts requires a lot of repetition and can get quite tedious.

But geography doesn’t have to be boring. And teaching geography to middle school students can be quite simple.

If you want to keep your older kids engaged, it’s essential to make the subject as fun as possible.

Obviously, I think one of the best ways to keep geography exciting is to use board games or online geography games in your class. When you add games to your lesson plan, it gives kids the chance to learn new material and reinforce previous information in an entertaining, low-pressure situation.

Working on geography puzzles is a great way to get tweens interacting with the material.

Another way to make geography fun for your tweens is to work on some hands-on projects. The more you can get kids interacting with geography, the more engaged they’ll be, and the better they’ll understand it.

The key to making geography interesting for teens is to make it interesting and relevant for them.

Collage of three different geography board games for teens.

Best Geography Board Games

Here are some of the tabletop and card games we’ve used over the years as part of our homeschool.

There are 15 to choose from that will definitely liven up your geography class.

Geography is one of the most important subjects we can teach our students, but you need to make it interesting for them.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of excellent geography board games available. It’s easy to choose titles that support the specific topic you’re studying and add them to your lesson plan.

More Geography Games

Here are a few more ideas you can use to make geography exciting for older kids.

Which one of these geography board games are you going to try first?

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