10 Games to Make Middle School Geography Fun & Interesting

Are you looking for a creative and easy way to add geography studies to your middle school lesson plans?

Kids love to play board and card games, so be sure to add geography related games to your homeschool activities!

We know students of all ages benefit by adding hands-on learning activities to their geography studies.  During the middle school years kids also enjoy exploring fun facts and trivia — games are a fun and effective tool to aid in this type of learning.

Games can help students remember important geography information such as locations, flags, capitals, famous landmarks, population, cultural etiquette, and more.

Here are 10 games your students will want to play to make their middle school geography lessons fun, interesting, and educational.

Games to Make Middle School Geography Fun & Interesting - Education Possible

Geography Games

Passport to Culture Game

Travel the globe and learn about world cultures. Players collect Passport stamps as they answer questions and test their CQ (Cultural Intelligence). Ages 10+

Passport to Culture

Map It! World Edition & Map It! US Edition

Do you know where cities and landmarks are located? Players place their location cards in the correct position around a starting point. Ages 10-15

Map It! US Map It! World

Brainbox – The World Card Game

Fun memory recall game challenges players to memorize as many details as possible in 10 seconds. After memorizing as much as they can players roll the dice to select a question to be asked and see how much they remember. Ages 8+


Scrambled States of America Game

Players learn state names, capitals, shapes, and more with the help of interesting visuals, riddles, and geography challenges. Ages 8+

Scrambled States

Where in the World USA Edition by Talicor

Players learn the geography of the USA along with 13 unique facts about each state such as admission date, population, attractions, and more. Multiple levels of play, including large group options. Ages 8-15

Where in the World USA

Flags of the World

This fun and educational board game helps players learn all the flags from independent countries of the world. Ages 8-15

Flags of the World

Professor Noggin’s Geography of the United States Card Game

Players learn about the geography of the United States by collecting illustrated cards as they correctly answer questions. Ages 7+

Professor Noggin

Professor Noggin’s Wonders of the World Card Game

Players test their knowledge about the wonders of the world by answering trivia, true/false, and multiple-choice questions. Ages 7+

Professor Noggin Wonders of the World

Word Teasers: World Geography

Learn 250 facts about world geography and culture with this fun card game. Ages 8+

Word Teasers

Lost Cities – The Card Game

Players embark on a research journey around the world. As cards are played the expedition routes take shape and the explorers earn points. Learn about famous locations around the world. Ages 10-15

Lost Cities


Geography is one of the most important subjects we can teach our students.  Why not make it fun, as well as educational and informative!

Adding boards games gives kids memorable opportunities to learn together with family and friends.

If your students prefer online games, we can help with that too — here are 8 Must-Try Geography Games for Middle School Students.



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