Fun Map Games for Kids That Teach Geography

These map games for kids are the perfect way to get your middle schooler excited about learning more about the world around them. Don’t skip the middle school geography lessons, instead make them engaging!

Exploring and learning about nations, countries, and cities is often a daunting task for students, but geography map games make the process easier and far more enjoyable.

Whether they’re learning about continent and country outlines, important bodies of water, or metropolitan areas that define various countries, middle schoolers can strengthen their knowledge through the use of map-based games in geography class.

When you add them to your lesson plans, students get a fun and interactive way to engage their minds, challenge themselves, and learn more about the world.

Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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We’ll show you why it’s important to use hands-on tools like board games and computer games with kids and introduce you to some of the best map games for middle school.

Why should we study geography?

As your children’s geography teacher, it’s important to include the subject in your homeschool lesson plans because it helps kids of all ages better understand the world around them.

It’s important not only for the knowledge it provides, but also for the skills that are developed.

Geography involves learning about cultures from all around the world, figuring out how to use a map, exploring landforms, researching environmental and climate issues, and developing an appreciation for natural resources.

By studying geography, kids can gain a better understanding of the diversity of our world and become more thoughtful global citizens. 

Luckily, teaching geography to middle school students can be quite fun.

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Should geography lessons include maps?

Yes! Learning geography is so much more engaging when there are maps involved.

Maps offer a highly detailed and visual way for students to learn about the world’s locations, politics, cultures, and more. They also help students develop a deeper understanding of the globalised world and how different countries connect.

The best thing is that you don’t have to stick to paper maps. One of the best ways to use maps in your homeschool is by adding fun and educational map games into your lesson plans.

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How to Use Map Games to Teach Geography

Games work so well in school settings because it’s easier for tweens to understand and retain information when you make lessons interesting and interactive.

I used world geography games for years in our homeschool.

Geography map games are a fun way to bring some excitement into the school day and teach at the same time!

You can use games to show all kinds of concepts like countries and their flags, landforms, and bodies of water. Or the capital cities of various countries or important map skills like longitude and latitude. Some can even teach about different landforms like deserts, mountains, and rainforests.

And nothing beats learning and knowing how to use a map, whether it’s physical or digital. 

Whether they use maps to teach a topic or to pinpoint a specific location, it’s definitely a unique way to look at the subject of geography.

Here are a few ways you can use these games with your kids:

  • Use them as a review tool for lessons, allowing kids to practice the concepts they’ve learned.
  • If your tweens are struggling to stay focused, pull out a game for a quick break.
  • Make map games a regular part of your curriculum to help teach various concepts. Sometimes a different perspective is all it takes for a lightbulb to go off.
  • Add a map board game to your game closet and use it to build your geography skills as a family.

Making geography fun for tweens is important if you want them to be excited about the material.

Luckily, it’s actually quite easy to incorporate interactive tools like these into your geography lessons. Trust me, your older kids will love using them to learn geography.

More Geography Ideas

Want to build your tween’s geographical knowledge? Here are some hands-on ideas.

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They focus primarily on maps, highlighting things like continents, countries, capitals, and more.

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What are some of your favorite map games for kids?

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