Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt for Tweens

This summer photo scavenger hunt is a fun activity for tweens and teens to do with their friends. You could also turn this game into a friendly competition among family members. 

Older kids are always looking for something to do during the slow summer afternoons. A group scavenger hunt is a great way to keep them entertained while getting them outside and away from mindless scrolling.

They’ll get some fresh air and get the chance to focus on their surroundings while searching for the objects on their list. Plus, it will give them the chance to take something other than selfies with their phones.

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Printable scavenger hunts like this one make it easy for parents and kids.

You don’t even have to come up with a list of items yourself. I’ve put this one together so you can get started right away. Just download, print and go. 

Tweens will love running around, competing to win this summer-themed scavenger hunt, especially if there’s a fun summertime reward at the end, like ice cream! 

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an easy way to get tweens active and exploring over their summer break. 

It’s quite simple. This printable game has 30 summer-related items that players will have to race to find.

To play, figure out whether kids are playing in teams or individually and decide on a location. Your own backyard, the community, a local park, etc. You set the boundaries you’re comfortable with.

Print a copy of the clue sheet for everyone. The pdf below contains the summer list and helpful instructions.

Make sure players have a cell phone to take pictures and a pen to mark items off the list.

Then, agree on a return time and send them off. Keep in mind that you want to give them enough time to find a lot of the items off the photo challenge list, but not so much that everyone finishes before time is up.

The goal is to snap photos of as many things on the list as possible.

Once time is up, have everyone meet back at an agreed-upon spot to compare photos and talk about their discoveries. 

The person or team who has found the most items from the list when time runs out wins.

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Tips for Making it Fun and Interesting 

While you can easily print off the list and send your kids off, here are a few ways to make this game even more entertaining: 

  • Allow kids to pick their own teams or partners. 
  • Encourage tweens to take creative pictures that show off their unique personalities and give extra points for unique shots.
  • Create a point system by assigning different values to various items on the list. 
  • Choose a couple of things from the list and offer bonus points to the team that finds them first.
  • Have a photo contest at the end and let everyone vote for their favorite picture. 
  • A fun idea is to make it a part of a road trip. You can even add on this fun road trip scavenger hunt.
  • Give out prizes at the end.

Let your tweens know they may need to use some problem-solving skills and creativity to get pictures of some items on the list.

This fun game will give your older kids an opportunity to hang out with their friends or family, get some fresh air, think on their feet, all while appreciating the beauty of their neighborhood.

Don’t forget to grab the ready-made scavenger hunt list to make things easy for you.

Ideas for Scavenger Hunt Prizes 

Older kids love getting rewards at the end of a successful scavenger hunt game. Here are some great ideas for prizes: 

  • Ice cream or milkshake.
  • Something fun that they can use together, like a slip and slide or water balloons (affiliate link).
  • Their favorite snacks and drinks.
  • A movie ticket to watch their favorite summer flick.
  • A trip to the local pool, lake, or beach.

Just remember that the goal is for everyone to have a great time, create fun memories, and enjoy themselves. And a photo scavenger hunt is the perfect way to accomplish that. So grab your printable game now!

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Additional Summer Break Ideas

Looking for more ways to keep tweens busy over summer break? Here are a few fun activities that they’ll love.

Will a fun scavenger hunt be on your tween’s summer bucket list?

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