Summer Art Projects for Middle Schoolers

Keep older kids busy with these fun summer art projects for middle schoolers.

Whether you have a budding artist in the family or just want to keep your homeschool art lessons going over the break, there are plenty of fun projects to try. 

Summer is the perfect time to let your teens work with a variety of mediums, different materials, and a mix of techniques.

Make it even more fun by turning these activities into entire family art projects and creating something together!

Blue chalk pastel touching paper that is a chalk art project in process. Blue and purple colors.

Make art a part of your summer routine with these inspiring summer art activities for middle schoolers. There are a lot of ideas to choose from.

Summer Art Projects for Middle Schoolers

These months are the perfect time for teens to be creative. They can work on some summer craft projects or go deeper with a summer-themed creative endeavor.

From chalk art to tape resist painting, there are plenty of fun projects to try. Just give your teen the freedom to experiment and create something uniquely their own.

While working on these, middle school students can explore different techniques, use a variety of materials, and express themselves.

Creating artwork over summer break can be a fun way for middle schoolers to explore their creative side and foster a lifelong love of art. 

What are the Benefits of Doing Arts Projects Over the Summer Break?

Summer is the perfect time for kids of all ages to explore their creative side and make some artwork. 

It’s a great opportunity to keep learning throughout the break. It promotes independent thinking and self-expression. 

Art can be messy, so being able to work on it outside in the warm weather is nice. Middle schoolers can do bigger and messier projects without having to worry about getting the house, or themselves, dirty.

With extra free time, summer break is the perfect time to introduce kids to art activities they may not have had the chance to explore during the school year. They can be creative without the pressures of lessons or deadlines looming.

It’s also the chance to get them out of their comfort zone while creating a new art project.

Art is a great way to keep older kids busy and engaged during long, hot summer months. It can be an excellent way to add some structure and planned activities to your summer break. 

So instead of taking a break from art during these months, take advantage of this time to let your kids get creative.

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What Art Projects are Best for Middle Schoolers over Summer Break?

There’s no limit to the artistic creations older kids can do over the summer. From drawing to painting, mixed media and chalk art, there are plenty of creative ideas to keep them busy.

Consider trying out a new medium that you don’t normally have time for during your normal art lessons. Or work on something that tends to be a bit messier since you can work outside.

Have some fun with different summer themes, like beach scenes, sunsets, summer treats, palm trees, and ocean animals.

Let your middle schoolers get creative and let their imaginations run wild. There’s no limit to what they can come up with.

No matter what kind of fun project you choose, make sure that it is age appropriate and that your teen has access to all the basic supplies they need.

Above all else, remember that summer should be enjoyable, so don’t forget to have fun!

Small ramekins and bowls with paint inside - red, blue, pink. Paper with paint splatter. Paint brushes with paint on them.

Summer Art Supplies

Here are some of the supplies you’ll need to complete the artwork found below. This isn’t an exhaustive list, so make sure you check each project’s supply list.

More Summer Ideas

Here are some more fun ways to keep your tweens and teens busy during summer break.

Ready to get creative? Try out some of these fun art projects and let your middle schoolers explore their artistic side over the summer break.

Who knows, these fun ideas might be the start of a beautiful lifelong passion for art. 

Summer Art Projects

Middle schoolers can take advantage of summer break to explore a variety of simple projects, from drawing and painting to mixed media and chalk art.

These summer-themed art projects are easy peasy, making them perfect for older kids. Especially those who want to work independently.

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