Easy Art Projects: Art at the Beach

Summer is here and that means it is time to plan trips to the beach!

Since our next beach trip is a few weeks away we decided to bring the beach to us this week using our new favorite art technique – chalk art!

Easy Art Projects: Art at the Beach

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When Megan and her kids shared their love of chalk pastel art with us a few months ago, we were immediate fans.  Working with chalk is easy and fun, and it gives us a chance to express our own creativity in a unique way.

As we gathered our supplies and looked through the tutorials available in the new Chalk Pastels: Art at the Beach guide we each decided to select a different lesson.

Easy Art Projects: Art at the Beach

My younger son quickly selected the manatee!  He enjoys visiting the manatees at Blue Springs State Park so this was an easy choice for him.

To complete these projects, you’ll need:

He loves animals, and to image stories about animals, so as he worked he named his manatee “Bob” and created a silly story about what “Bob” was going to do all afternoon (the story mostly included eating and sleeping – appropriate for a manatee and a pre-teen boy!).

Easy Art Projects: Art at the Beach

My older son selected the beach umbrella because he prefers to watch the video tutorials rather than read the directions.  Thank you Nana for supporting all types of learning styles! 

Easy Art Projects: Art at the Beach

I opted for the sand bucket because I was drawn to the bright colors.  I also wanted to try some of the suggestions for using different colors to emphasize the light from the sunshine on the different sides of the bucket.

Easy Art Projects: Art at the Beach

What a great way to spend time together and create fun art projects as we daydream about one of our favorite places to explore together – the beach!

Chalk Pastels: Art at the Beach

If you are looking for a fun and easy art summer art project for your family be sure to check out the NEW Chalk Pastels: Art at the Beach tutorials from Southern Hodgepodge.

This downloadable art curriculum includes 12 tutorials such as:

  • Starfish
  • Sand bucket
  • Sea Turtle
  • Manatee
  • Jellyfish
  • A very familiar clown fish and blue tang fish


Seashore Video Art Course for All Ages


  1. This summer art you created is beautiful! I just keep scrolling and scrolling and oohing and aahing. Thank you for sharing that the videos meet a different learning style – we have many learning styles at our house and we have found that to be true as well. Wonderful beach umbrellas, manatee and sand bucket!

  2. Hello from Nana at Hodgepodge!
    Your artwork is wonderful! So happy that you all enjoyed our new book…always, always remember…you ARE an artist! Beautiful paintings!

  3. I love the bright colors you used! Your pictures turned out beautifully! We’re featuring you at Family Fun Friday this week at Happy and Blessed Home. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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