Beach Crafts for Teens

These unique beach crafts for teens are perfect for keeping the entire family busy this summer. 

It’s easy to bring the ocean home with these simple projects. Whether you use the materials you’ve gathered from the beach or bought from a craft store, tweens will love creating their own masterpieces. 

Crafting over the summer is a fun way to beat boredom and keep the creativity flowing. And the beach is the perfect inspiration for some fun and unique projects. 

Below you’ll find some of our favorite beach themed crafts that your older kids are sure to love. 

Large pile of colorful seashells. All different types. Some have been painted.

These DIY projects make beautiful decorations for a tween’s room, handmade gifts for friends, and fun keepsakes. 

No matter what beachy craft your kids choose, they’ll have a blast getting creative with these ideas. So gather up your supplies and get ready to make some amazing beach-inspired projects. 

Beach Crafts for Teens

Whether your summer includes a trip to the beach or not, everyone can bring some seaside fun into their homes with beach themed crafts.

These simple crafts make great projects for tweens and teens, whether they’re using the ocean as inspiration or they’re adding things commonly found at the shore, like beach sand and shells. 

These adorable DIY beach crafts for kids are a perfect way to celebrate the summer season.

Grab a bucket full of sand, the prettiest shells, rocks worn smooth by the waves and some driftwood, then get creative!

Mixed SeashellsMixed SeashellsMixed SeashellsReal SandReal SandReal SandConch Sea ShellsConch Sea ShellsConch Sea ShellsSea GlassSea GlassSea Glass


Summer Crafts

The beach is only one theme for your summer crafts. There are a ton of interesting things kids can focus on while crafting over summer break.

With seasonal ideas, the options are endless! Easy projects that include the sun, flowers, flip-flops, summer fruit, gardens, butterflies, and more are all great options.

Here are some cool summer crafts for middle schoolers.

Whatever your kids choose to focus on, with just a few supplies, they’ll be able to stay busy all summer long.

Candle being made inside a seashell.

Tips for Collecting Items from the Beach

It’s important to choose the right materials for your beach-inspired craft. Things like sand, seashells, sand dollars, and rocks are popular. While you can buy these at your local craft store, it’s much more fun to head to the coast for some beachcombing.

If you’re exploring a beach, remember to keep your eyes peeled for interesting items like driftwood, feathers, sea glass, and even shark teeth that can be turned into cool pieces.

However, before you take anything from a beach, you need to know is whether the coastal town allows the removal of items from the area.

Remind tweens to be respectful of the environment and only take what they need. It’s crucial that they leave anything that’s still alive and shells that have animals living in them.

They should look out for sharp shells or rocks with jagged edges. It’s also important to be aware of their surroundings and the changing tides.

Once you get home, carefully wash everything with a 50/50 bleach and water solution to get rid of any lingering bacteria or germs.

These simple tips will ensure that your kids stay safe and respectful of the environment.

Three beach themed crafts in a collage - colored sand in jar, air plant in conch shell, painted shells. White sand background.

Beach Craft Supplies

If you plan on making more than one of these coastal themed crafts, consider collecting all of your supplies beforehand.

Whether you’re crafting with natural materials from the shore or using store-bought supplies, you’ll save a ton of time having things ready to go when the creative spirit hits your tweens. 

Fill your craft box with things like:

Don’t forget to check the individual craft supply list for any special items.

Getting started with these items will help you tweens craft up a storm this summer.

More Beach Themed Activities

Here are some more beachy things to keep your older kids busy over break.

On your next beach trip or family vacation, spend a bit of time with your older children searching for cool and unique items to bring home so you’ll be ready to make these fun beach crafts.

They’re a great option for keeping everyone busy during the summer months.

What are your favorite summer beach crafts?

Beach Crafts

These fun beach craft ideas will help your kids make their own amazing creations inspired by the seashore.

Whether you're looking for a summer craft or something to keep your tweens busy, these beach-themed DIY projects will keep kids engaged all season long.

They can either use their own beach finds or purchase the materials.

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