Summer Drawing Challenge

With school out, a summer drawing challenge is a great way for kids to explore their creativity.

With long days ahead, why not challenge your tweens to draw something new every day? These summer-themed drawing prompts will give them the chance to build their artistic skills while having some screen-free fun.

This list of 30 unique summer-related things will give them plenty of ideas and inspiration. Encourage them to draw each item in a different way and use their own unique style.

Over the next couple of months, challenge your tweens to take some time to stretch their imagination with this summer art challenge.

Tween girl using pen to draw in a notebook lying on her bed. Image of PDF drawing challenge on bottom right.

This project is an easy way to get kids excited about art. It’s so much fun!

By the end, your kids will have an amazing portfolio of a variety of items. They’ll also have enhanced their artistic skills and created some awesome memories.

Summer Drawing Challenge

Summer break can be a great time for creative expression and growth. That’s why summer art projects are very popular.

Why not challenge your kids to draw something new every day? 

This creative challenge gives older and younger students the opportunity to practice their imagination and to explore their creativity. You’ll be amazed at how quickly their drawing skills improve.

To make it easy, use this list of 30 summertime things for ideas and inspiration. Kids can either work their way from 1 to 30 or choose something from the list that appeals to them. 

This doesn’t have to take a lot of time. I would suggest having your tweens spend 15 minutes on the drawing prompts. Then, if they want to dedicate more time to the project, they can.

If you tweens want even more art, check out these summer art projects for middle schoolers.

Summer-Themed Drawing Prompts for Kids 

This free printable includes 30 unique summer related things for kids to draw. It includes simple items like sunscreen and ice cream to more challenging things like vacation and picnic.

I would encourage tweens to try sketching all the items, even ones they find difficult. This will help build their confidence and skills. 

However, if there’s something on the list that your kids just can’t work with, switch it out with something else. Use this as a tool and a guideline to get their creative juices flowing.

At the end of the summer, your tween might want to create a piece out of all the individual drawings. Have them choose a handful of drawings and put them together to make a single piece of art!

They could also test out their new skills during a game of Summer Pictionary.

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How to Make a Drawing Challenge Work

There are a few things you can do to help your older kids complete all 30 of the summer-themed drawing prompts: 

  • Motivation is key. Have your tween set a goal for themselves and help them strive toward it.
  • Let them create a space inside or outside that inspires them. If they have control over their environment, they’ll be more likely to stick with the challenge.
  • Try to make it fun for your kids by having them draw with a friend or do it as a family. 
  • Make it a priority to draw each day. Set a specific time if that makes it easier. 
  • Encourage them to experiment with different materials. Give them different tools and paper to try.

Once the challenge is complete, celebrate their accomplishment with a fun activity or outing. This will make them feel proud of what they’ve done and give them the encouragement to try new things in the future. 

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Art Supplies

Here are some tools that will help your tweens get started with their summer sketches.

More Summer Fun

Looking for more things for tweens to do this summer? Check these out.

Summer break is a great time for creativity and exploration, so why not encourage your kids to make use of this time by taking on a summer drawing challenge? 

Don’t forget to print out your list!

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