Carrot Easter Basket Craft

This cute carrot Easter basket craft is a simple and inexpensive project for families.

Using supplies from your local Dollar Store, you can easily create a unique holiday decoration. Use it to hold some Easter treats or as a festive décor piece.

This carrot basket is something that’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face, and it’s so easy to make that even kids can get in on the fun!

Easter basket craft sitting on white table with colorful plastic eggs inside and next to it.

Create your own small Easter basket in no time with the step-by-step instructions found at the bottom of this post.

You’ll be amazed by how quickly you can transform a few simple items from the Dollar Store into something special and unique.

Carrot Easter Basket Craft

This Easter, take some time to make a couple of DIY projects. Get creative – make some bunnies, eggs, and other Easter-themed items for your house, like this cute basket.

Imagine how great this carrot rimmed basket will look placed in your home or used as a centerpiece for Easter dinner.

Tweens will love helping with this project. It’ll be a fun and memorable activity to do together. I guarantee you’ll love the end result.

So, grab your supplies and get ready to make some carrot Easter baskets!

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Easter basket craft sitting on white table with colorful plastic eggs inside and next to it.

Easter Craft Materials

This adorable Easter basket is simple to make and uses inexpensive materials. In fact, you can find most of them at the Dollar Store.

Gather all the items necessary to construct your own carrot rimmed basket from this list, or have them conveniently delivered right to your doorstep!

Putting this homemade project together is a breeze. It takes next to no time at all, so there’s no excuse not to make some for yourself!

Jute Twine CarrotsJute Twine CarrotsJute Twine CarrotsMesh Wire Paper Clip HolderMesh Wire Paper Clip HolderMesh Wire Paper Clip HolderNatural Jute TwineNatural Jute TwineNatural Jute TwineOrange Acrylic PaintOrange Acrylic PaintOrange Acrylic Paint


When you’re finished, place the crafted pieces on your Easter table for an added touch of festivity or let your tweens add it to their own personal holiday décor.

DIY Carrot Basket Tips

Although this project is relatively uncomplicated, there are a few important points to bear in mind.

  • Fitting the last carrot onto the metal cup might be tricky, so start by gently compressing it between your thumb and forefinger. Then insert it with glue until firmly secured.
  • After the first layer of paint has dried, if any bits of the mesh are still visible, simply apply an additional coat. You can keep layering on paint until you’re happy with the coverage.
  • Fill the basket with whatever filler you have – colorful Easter grass, crinkle paper shred filler, etc.

Once you’ve finished your project, you can either leave it empty or fill it with treats or colorful Easter eggs.

This project is incredibly simple, making it an ideal family activity where every member of the household can join in.

Easter basket craft sitting on white table with colorful plastic eggs inside and next to it.

You and your tweens are going to have so much fun putting this together that you won’t want to stop crafting!

Additional Easter Crafts

Feeling inspired to create something else? Try your hand on one of these projects.

From bunnies to vibrant Easter egg decorations, there are tons of exciting craft ideas that your tweens will love making.

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Get ready to craft a cute basket decoration by following the steps below.

An Easter basket craft that's sitting on a whitewashed table. Twine wrapped carrots surround the basket with a jute cord handle.

Dollar Store Carrot Basket Craft

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Simple supplies from the Dollar Store transform into the sweetest carrot basket to fill with treats for Easter morning.


  • Twine-Wrapped Carrots - 3 packs of 5
  • Metal Paper Clip Cup
  • Wired Jute Cord
  • Natural Jute Twine
  • Orange Acrylic Craft Paint


  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks – Dollar Store
  • Paintbrush
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters


Gather all materials, remove tags and packaging.

Craft supplies for a DIY Easter basket laid out on a whitewashed table. Orange acrylic paint, paintbrush, black clip cup, twine-wrapped carrots, scissors, ball of twine, hot glue gun.


Basecoat the inside and outside of the metal paper clip cup with orange acrylic craft paint. Let dry and apply a second coat if necessary.

Make sure to paint the bottom.

A bottle of orange acrylic paint and paintbrush with orange paint on the bristles. A black wire mesh paper clip cup is in the process of being painted orange. All sitting on a whitewashed table.


Using a glue gun and glue sticks, attach the twine-wrapped carrots to the outside of the metal paper clip cup.

Make sure to glue the carrots close together, filling in all the empty spaces.

A craft in process on a whitewashed table. Orange twine covered carrots are being hot glued onto an orange mesh paper clip cup.

If the last foam carrot is a bit tight, gently squeeze it between your fingers and thumb, and then secure it with glue.


Measure two 12” lengths of wired jute cord, and then trim to size with wire cutters.

Twist the two lengths of wired jute cord together to create one handle. 

Wired jute cord and wire cutters sitting on a whitewashed table.


Carefully bend the handle to create an arch.

Attach the ends of the handle to the right and left side of the carrot basket, tucking into empty spaces between the carrots.

Secure the ends of the handle with hot glue. 

Making a twine-wrapped carrot Easter basket. Using a hot glue gun to attach the jute rope handle to the cup that the carrots are glued on to. All sitting on a whitewashed table.


Tie a bow with natural jute twine, and attach to the top edge of the basket with hot glue.

Trim any long ends with scissors.

Twine wrapped carrot basket craft. Image includes supplies - ball of natural twine, hot glue gun, and scissors. All on whitewashed table.

The rustic twine wrapped carrots give a fun farmhouse style to this quick and easy Dollar Store Carrot Basket Craft that you can put together in just about 30 minutes.

Twine wrapped carrots wrapped around a cup with a jute handle - a DIY Easter basket. It sits on a white table with colorful and plaid plastic Easter eggs inside and next to it.


  • The carrots need to fit in a tight ring around the cup. If you're having trouble fitting the last one in, gently squeeze it together to make it fit.
  • You can add a piece of jute cord to the top of the cup (behind the carrots) if you'd like.
  • Fill the basket with Easter grass or crinkle paper filler.

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This Easter, dedicate some time to crafting this basket covered with twine-wrapped carrots that will add a bit of festivity to your home.

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